‘Safeguarding’- The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Encagement


In a series of posts, I aim to explore, what is being done with the £433 million, the government has allotted to Local Authorities to implement the Carers Act 2014.

Already, in the 6 months of the Act’s implementation, there have been a huge increase in safeguarding enquiries reported


An invincible army, is being unleashed upon, and within communities, to ‘safeguard’ anyone thought to be at risk .

But not, those at risk, in the residential homes, they are removed to.

Winterbourne View, and Thomas Rawnsley Lifeways’ abuse, will continue to worsen and, be ignored.

As the policy, is to remove to such provision for more and more profit from public funds and services.

Care home, independent and supported living residents, cannot be at risk.

As those enforcing, managing , commissioning,  training, serving, this multibillion pound residential empire are part of the ‘safeguarding’ army.

Residential care, is the means by which they ‘safeguard’.

Reed/Capita are outsourced by LAs to provide the itinerant ‘safeguarding hit squad’.

See here


Job advert for a safeguarding 3 month contract social worker states as follows;

To work with and assess those people with the most complex social care needs, ( autistic/LD as most profitable) enabling them to maintain or retain the highest level of independence, ( how with such needs ?) avoiding or minimising their need for intensive services or interventions. ( Residential/institutions, where there can be no interventions)

-You will undertake specific work to safeguard individuals who are identified to be at potential  ( so actual risk is not required, automatic by virtue of disability)or actual risk of harm.

-You will be responsible for ensuring that all County Adult Protection Policies are adhered to and concerns are raised in accordance with these policies

(Any ‘concerns’ to ensure the only policy is complied with- removal to residential private for profit state enforced no choice care for life ).

No one can escape, the Big Brother eyes, all the caring community charities and volunteers, data bases, MASH, GPs, and, no one will even be aware their desperate confidences are being shared with all.


The Carers Act 2014, is the tool,

The Social Care institute for Excellence, the engine house

The Local Authority, the enforcer,

The court, the rubber stamper..

The Age of the Scavanger,is furiously upon us, https://finolamoss.wordpress.com/2015/02/13/the-age-of-the-scavenger/

And, ‘safeguarding’ is the invincible weapon .

It encompasses, all possible ‘risk’, emotional, sexual, neglect, environmental ie housing, maintenance, cleaning safety risks- with no support, and no funds for household equipment..

How could anyone in need not be at risk, particularly, if, their Local Authority, is not funding support at home ?

The old, disabled, disordered, even the neglected lonely can be taken.

For their own protection, to a place, where no one can hear, see or protect them



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