The Real Reason Why Kids are in Crisis- Its all about the money.


Josh Wills and Mathew Garnett have recently moved out of NHS assessment units.

They appear to be the only 2 so 2,998  remain now for years illegally under the MHA as this de facto cannot be ‘treatment’ particularly for life long conditions like ASD/LD which were not until MHA 09 within the MHA.

Statistics and blog on LD in ATU here

Other than in distance, are the two teenagers any closer to going home ?

Josh’s Dad, hopefully proclaimed,

Let him be a beacon for all other families in the same situation’.

But is he a beacon of hope?

It is three long years since Winterbourne View, countless meetings, numerous petitions, Mencap, Challanging Behaviour , Justice for LB , Hear my Voice, campaigns, a white paper, weeks of national news coverage, and documentaries.

All costing a huge amount of public money, but, did any of this, result in a single autistic/learning disabled/challanging behavioured person being any nearer to being free to live where he, and/or his family want?

Did it result in the disabled, or, their family being given any rights?

’Autistic boy Josh Wills goes home ‘ lead our March BBC News.

But where did he go, and, will he ever live at home again.

Josh is now 15.

When he was 12, he was removed from his parents in Cornwall, to an NHS hospital Unit in Birmingham, for a six week assessment.

This appears now  the norm, when an autistic/LD/ challanging behaviour person starts causing problems.

And, ever earlier intervention is being recommended.

As behavioural problems, are the nature of the beast, and occur in ‘ normal’ teenagers, one wonders what purpose such ‘assessments’ can serve.

Other than, an excuse, to pay the assessors, on average, £4,000 per week.

The assessment unit did not improve Josh’s behaviour.

How could it improve anyone’s behaviour, let alone, a highly stressed/frustrated/bewildered autistic adolescent’s, removed suddenly, without knowing why, from all he knew, and loved, to the strange, hostile environment of a secure hospital with strangers.

Josh continued to bang his head, and rain his fists down on his body.

This was the only way he could express, and vent his frustration, at the world he found himself in, his surging hormones, and now, encagement.

His father said,
I long to see his free spirit running along the beaches and moorlands again’

So, what must a helmet, straitjacketed wrap , isolation, drugs, strangers, and a secure unit regime for 3 years, have done to this free spirited child.

Josh’s cries for help, and signs of the deepest distress, were used to severely restrict his movements, and, label him a dangerous self- harmer, and a ‘severe’ autistic .

Such labels would also increase his funding.

Might not his ‘treatment’, and over safeguarding, have contributed to his continued, and increasing self harm ?

Was his behaviour part of an autistic phase, or hormonal so he would or could be helped to grow out of ?

Josh is now 250 miles closer to home, but no closer to running helmet free on the beach and moorlands or living with his family.

How is the ‘support’ of Spectrum, different from his hospital, except for a more homely environment, location, access family, and outings ?

And why could this not have been provided instead of an ‘assessment’ Unit?

And, what purpose did this Unit serve, other than to earn at least £600,000.?

Spectrum, is a registered charity, and from its filed accounts, received £11,081,815 for 28 care contracts in 2015, commissioned jointly by NHS, LA and education.

One employee is paid between £160,000-170,000 a year.

On this basis Spectrum are likely to be paid £392,000 per annum, tax free for Josh’s care.

With tax concessions, that is nearing half a million.

In 2015 Managers were paid £781,612, workers £66,761

Would it not have been better to extend Josh’s real home and provide support within it, three years earlier, or even now ?

In less, than 3 years  Josh will be 18.

Again he will be ‘assessed’ this time as ‘incapable’ of making any decision, under the MCA ,and his parents will lose all rights over him.

Unless the government decide to make him a real beacon of hope Josh will never go home.

Why have only Josh, and Mathew Garnett, been allowed out of NHS assessment units ?

Could it be, because they are under 18  and cannot be made subject to MCA proceedings, and their parents can still act on their behalf ?

As they did when they petitioned, which would not be possible under an MCA gag.

And, also because indefinite ‘treatment’ is illegal under MHA, particularly, if not working .

At 15, Mathew Garnett went for the usual 6 week assessment ,and never came home.
He again was a troubled adolescent.

He again was autistic, and, had been given more labels- ADHD, anxiety disorder ( both presentations of autism).

After 7 months of assessment, petition and press cover, Mathew has been given a new ‘home’, in St Andrews Hospital in Northampton.

How will Mathew’s ‘treatment’ in St Andrews, differ from, that in his NHS hospital, other than, it is a private charity, whose managers, earn nearly a million in recycled profits, paid for by the NHS


See the Dispatches Channel 4 ‘Under Lock and Key’ for the treatment of Mathew costing at least £8,000 per week.

And why cannot this ‘treatment’ be provided at home ?

It is hard not to come to the sad conclusion, that, Josh and Mathews’ moves were a PR exercise to make it appear, that something was being done for  the many ‘kids in crisis’, and, an excuse to transfer public money into private recycled profit making corporations, known as charities.

Josh and Mathew and thousands more, will never return home.

Here is why, they are worth too much, as this exert, not behind a pay wall, of an article in For Healthcare Leaders HSJ shows;

Private sector gets boost from mental health commissioning freeze (HSJ: 17 February 2016)

NHS England’s moratorium on commissioning new specialised mental health services helped deliver new demand and a return to real terms growth for independent providers, according to new research.

Market analysts LaingBuisson’s report, shared exclusively with HSJ, also says moving away from block contracts could help open up the mental health sector to more independent providers.

The analysis says independent providers of mental health beds are “enjoying robust demand” with growth back up to an average of 4 per cent a year in the last three years, although profitability has been affected by austerity measures since 2008.

NHS demand for private sector beds, which LaingBuisson estimates accounts for 87 per cent of independent mental health care providers’ revenue, is subject to “ebb and flow” as NHS commissioners turn to private sector beds to meet capacity shortfalls.
The report says:

“The demand ‘tide’ has been flowing in favour of independent mental health hospitals in the last few years essentially because of constraints on NHS in-house capacity as a result of an NHS England moratorium on commissioning of new capacity (for centrally commissioned specialised services).” .

Not on their effectiveness or wishes of the patients or their family.




  1. Once again you write it how it is, and we have to accept the facts and…… I have had a bad weekend. The DWP,s decision to over rule my EPA and appoint Surrey as Martin’s appointee has been found to be MALADMINISTRATION by the Independent Case Examiner.She states, amongst other inanities “the DWP told you that there was no right of appeal against an appointee decision” No I cant write any more it is total insanity -Will come back later


  2. Sorry you had a bad weekend, and wish I, or anyone would, or could do something to stop your torture and all this horror.

    I assume you mean not to be maladministration.

    Black is white, when you have the power to say it is.

    Try to recuperate as best you can, and hope Martin is OK.

    Thank you for your comment.


  3. Yes it would be obvious to most people that any young person in transition from child to adult can find it a stressful time, when you add autism/LD it can be overwhelming and the last thing they need is to be denied everything they’ve ever known and be shut away in an ATU. No wonder they deteriorate to the extent they’re stuck there for years! Just imagine what support they could have in their own homes for that kind of money! I guess families are just going to have to say NO NO NO and insist they have support and any therapy required in the home and don’t ever let them go.


    1. Sadly, I think, as all providers, even public NHS, as now starved of money, and, even charities, like Spectrum/St Andrews, are run, on a profit making business, sustainability basis, therefore profit, is put before people, particularly, as the service is a monopoly, effectively unaccountable one, so it might not just be expected deterioration, but, the amount of income ie £4000+, that a person is bringing in, that delays their stay interminably.

      Much as parents want to keep their children, and say NO, this is not possible. As the social services, will then commence care proceedings for neglect/and or abuse, and more than 80% of such applications are successful.

      It is particularly difficult for a parent of a disabled child, as they are judged as if they were parenting a normal child one, on the threshold criteria under the Childrens Act, and will also be held to be denying their development and proper care.

      The child can then, even be immediately removed by an interim care order, and, any assessments on the child done to gain evidence of neglect/abuse.

      That is why Education Care and Health Statements, that replaced SEN, are so dangerous, as care/a social worker, is now, part of any learning disabled’s child’s life from diagnosis.

      Thank you for your comment . It is very much appreciated.
      Best Wishes,



      1. I know what you say is true because we have been through the whole parent blame ourselves and came very close to loosing our son down the ATU route when our local LA threatened us with a letter saying unless he was supported at all times he would be in danger of being permanently detained in a secure hospital! They never once mentioned Autism but since gaining more information and understanding ourselves and arranging for a private diagnosis which confirmed he was well on the spectrum we have managed to make a better life for him. But it is a continual battle with the LA as since we took the iniative to help our son they have been as awkward and difficult as possible! But we’re not giving in until we achieve a life worth living for him.

  4. So sad that this country and government are ignoring the plight of so many people who are caught up in this corrupt way of making money out of disability, my daughter was at St Andrews for this very reason and it was a a traumatic battle to get her home having done so, we live in fear that they will try again. Keep fighting keep saying no no no, Somehow, this has got to stop.


    1. The government are causing this plight for greed, and to boost our economy, on the back of the cruellest, most ruthless, immoral abuse. And it will only get worse.

      It also increases the UK deficit, as this is public money, they are extorting in huge amounts to private bodies, making huge profits, albeit, if charitable, recycled.

      I am so so glad you got your daughter out, and she is safe at home.

      But,Damocles Sword, as you say, hangs over every child, that is ‘different’ vulnerable, and can fall at any time, any incident, cry for help, or targeting. It is no way for parents and their children to exist.

      Thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated. If you want to email me about anything, I would be happy to hear from you at

      Best Wishes,



    1. You are right Shirley, particularly not individually.

      And, particularly as the state, has taken most of our children already under the MCA, and, therefore we risk prison, as will be gagged from exposing what is happening, to say nothing of loosing the little contact we may have with our children.

      But, we can expose that it is happening, and stop the charade, that there is choice, support, and rights for disabled and parents.

      We can expose that they are not getting adequate services, that many are dying, their deaths not investigated, they are over medicated for no reason, but efficient care, that this is all illegal,

      That blanket capacity tests and DOLs are being tick boxed by care providers/experts and rubber stamped by courts. That IMCAs, RRPs are paid by government indirectly through charities, and have no rights or possible ability to stand up to the state. That all act in a cabal, under MASH, and that it starts in schools UNDER ECHs, and it is getting worse.

      We can also expose that the organisations that purport to help, are part of the cabal as are the media.

      Yes the situation is beyond dire, but we are in a better position and the only people who will fight for our children, they cannot, their pain, suffering, death and miserable lives for profit, go unseen.


  5. To Janadvocate.
    I am glad you have managed to find support for your son, and found out what is really wrong .

    But, it is the LA/HSCTs, who are under a duty to do this, and you could sue them for the amount it has cost, and for continuing care, under the Chronically Sick ad Disabled act 1970,, but you would have to pay a lawyer,as no LA, prepared to take on state, which would likely be impossible, risk the huge costs if you lost, which is likely, as the LA would then say, that they have fulfilled their duty, by what they have done and the assessments , supported living they would have provided.

    As LA have recently been given 433 MILLION, to implement the Carers Act, see post , it is likely they will be more proactive about safeguarding, particularly the more severe autistic, and these are worth more to a private provider.

    It appears, the courts are allowing LAs under s48 MCA, to apply to COP, if they suspect, that anyone is incapable, and this will be suspected, if a person has a diagnosis of autism, or indeed most mental disorders, once such an application is got, the powers of the court of protection, will be invoked and any order can be applied for including removal, social workers, psychiatrists will be best interests assessors for court purposes, any lasting power of attorney revoked on capacity grounds, and all power /AUTONOMY is lost.

    The simple horror is, we have no rights over the care or residence, or contacts of our adult children ie at 18, if the state decide to invoke MCA, which is what they are increasing doing, and will do as the mental health/LD/Autistic RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRY gets more and more powerful.


  6. Whoever in government thought it was okay to let tycoons get richer by becoming care providers?

    Some get rich quick people buy franchises from America on how to run a care company. No experience necessary. Just the right amount of start up cash.

    Our loved ones who are so very very vulnerable stand no chance of ever getting the right sort of treatment. Frustrated and neglected their only saviour is the oblivion of the PRN benzodiazepines that knocks them out and makes them more pliable in the hands of the people looking after them, and gives them a lifelong addiction or terrible withdrawal symptoms when they come off it.

    People with a learning difficulty find it almost impossible to explain how benzodiazepines are affecting them. However on the CEPUK website there is a video of lots of people around the world who are explaining how harrowing their lives were like while they were on benzodiazepines and how very difficult it is to wean off them. CEPUK are holding a World Benzodiazepine Awareness day on 11th July 2016. These drugs are evil and our loved ones cannot choose not to take them.


  7. Whoever in government thought it was okay to let tycoons get richer by becoming care providers?

    Its worse than that Pauline, it is two successive governments, who have laid the foundations, starting with Blair, and the drafting of the MCA, now followed by the Carers Act, and Burnham etc up to Langley in the privatisation of the NHS in the Health and Social Care Act.

    Cameron, totally disregarded his pledge, not to privatise NHS, anyone who really wants to know, what is happening should read, ‘NHS For Sale’, the most profitable parts, ie mental health, are being targeted, and any potential ‘customer’ grabbed.

    From your own experiences, you know more than most, the terrible effect of drugs, and, the fact that they are dangerous, shooting in the dark ‘magic bullets’, created by pharma, and why so many die early.

    As shown in books like, ‘Anatomy of an Epidemic’, it has happened in the USA, and now its moved over here, books like the MYTH OF MENTAL ILLNESS show how the industry is emperor’s clothes.

    And worse still, these drugs, have never been tested or licenced for LD/autistic, as you have stated. Go to any website views of normal people of their effects, and see how terrifying these can be, and they cannot be described by the disabled, so their suffering remains unknown and unimaginable.

    As for individuals getting rich by setting up their own residential units, this is getting more difficult, and if they do, they are soon bought up by the big boys, and then venture capital, which is the ultimate goal, ie Cambian took over Lifeways, and now, basically, our loved ones are part of an Ontario Teachers Pension Fund and other international mainly USA investments.

    There is no competition or accountability and training is in house.

    Similar, is happening in adoption and fostering. Our social services are now harvesters, our public money converted to venture capital our most vulnerable mere commodities on a balance sheet for life.


  8. See The Guardian today law firm acting for LA against parents of special needs children tweets just about covers it


      1. Try or Sara’s tweets. I think Martin is really bad today, as he has ceased to communicate in any way. Staff are forbidden to talk to me about him, GP refused to talk to me under confidientiality, epilepsy consultant agreed to communicate with me but doesn’t, residential care home has no complaints procedures, formal complaint ignored for 2 years, LA refused to communicate with me for 2 years, no complaints procedures, DWP state he lacks capacity but hold no assessment saying so, CoP state he must remain in residential home without reviews. I am Martin’s mother and must be annihilated, as I might try and help him. I guess I am as well as possible in the circumstances – again thanks for always asking. I told the residential care home manager the other day that I hadn’t had a pleasant word from her in three years!

  9. Finola Martin just got better again and is texting non stop – so I feel better. Back to the DWP The ICE did find maladministration but stated that didn’t change anything, and the case was closed. Insanity They also stated they would reply to me if there were any factual errors in the decision. It was one whole factual error as they stated continually I was the appointee, but I was the attorney under the EPA. I wrote back stating this, and it has now gone to the ICEs complaints department, reply on 30 June. You can understand why I am hanging on to my sanity by a very thin thread. How is Issy? Send an e mail if you want. I think this last blog and replies has covered a lot of ground.


  10. Oh Shirley. The horror, mess, illegality, beyond despicability of all this takes my breath away.

    How can this be allowed . They, the state, do and say what they like. We are living in the wild west.

    The posse rules, and does what it likes. Nonsense prevails,

    Autonomy, integrity, sense, law, are dead.

    You are his mother, and they are strangers, who only go near Martin, BECAUSE they are paid, yet you can know nothing.

    They use his money, they claim money to look after him, yet have no complaints procedure, and do what they like.

    Is it any wonder the social services want to encage all for life and then do nothing.

    It is a perfect business model. Martin has no voice. Martin is an intelligent man, who happens to have epilepsy, many gifted/ famous people have had it. Othello did, so 400 years ago, they were not locked away, given no decisions, voice or rights.

    You are the only one, who has his interests at heart. You are motivated by love, they by profit .

    Intolerable, yet you are forced, to tolerate it.

    I hope Martin starts to talk. And AM BEYOND FURIOUS for you. You must be worried sick.


  11. Finola Im sort of in another world beyond furious, beyond incomprehension, beyond belief. Epilepsy is, like autism, fascinating if one looks at it neutrally. Dostoevsky had temporal lobe epilepsy, and before seizures saw heaven in all its glory. I was lucky that I knew a lot about epilepsy before Martin had it, actually from the age 14 on! Then in Switzerland I had brilliant consultants who worked with me and Martin as a team, and I also had direct contact with the pharmaceuticals, especially Ciba Geigy. Those were the days. Also, I read Oliver Sacks on the brain – “Awakenings” etc. I believe autism has an endocrinal basis – Martin’s epilepsy is connected with mucal infections, throat, stomach, bowels. What is so stupid that with all this knowledge those ruling us deny every word of it.


    1. Yes these people should not be drugged and removed for life for profit.

      Read The Daemon by Antony Peake, for a very insightful fascinating explanation of epilepsy and schizophrenia and possibly autism, and all the famous historical figures- artists, scientists etc that properly suffered from it. Karen Armstrong had late on set epilepsy she is a writer non fiction on religion se her ‘Spiral Staircase’ .


  12. Reblogged this on | truthaholics and commented:

    The family is the cornerstone of society not state care, which is now for profit and heading towards privatisation.

    The hidden cost of obfuscation in court proceedings is arbitrary state interventioinism hence too high.

    In-family parenting is the norm in society yet forcible child removal INSTEAD of a little timely support is a routine fact that is conveniently overlooked as children are forcibly removed into a helter-skelter rollercoaster system that statistically harms those it’s beholden to protect. Yet Judges continue to rubber-stamp local authority applications, often by silencing capable parents and without srcutinising evidence and options properly or giving proper facts and reasons in support of judgements.

    “It is hard not to come to the sad conclusion, that, Josh and Mathews’ moves were a PR exercise to make it appear, that something was being done for the many ‘kids in crisis’, and, an excuse to transfer public money into private recycled profit making corporations, known as charities.”


    1. Thank you for your much appreciated and accurate comment.

      All in media appears a PR exercise for government.

      The real agenda, as can be shown by the lack of support in family home- none once 18, and use of 52 week effectively enforced residential school placements, is to make as much money/profit as possible for monopoly large corporations usually venture capital backed. The disabled ie autistic/LD are in fact made worse by medication and the trauma of their care and cut off from families in the cruelist way . The children nor parents have any rights and the state rules the care courts the ultimate enforcer and then at 18 the COP and MCA. It has been carefully designed that way. Few if any ASD/LD are allowed to live with their families, or even see them, except rarely supervised and are hidden in secret corporate care, where they are managed for as much profit as possible and there is no escape as they are worth too much of our public money.
      And media is silent as much family be as gagged under MCA COP and/or terrified they will never see their children again Best Wishes Finola


      1. Dear Heidi, I am sorry you feel this way and would be more than happy to correct any incorrect facts or consider deleting any things you think have been misrepresented if you tell me what they are. The main purpose of the post was to illustrate that the transforming care agenda does not mean that the autistic/LD are being returned to their family home with adequate support and respite but to another form of institutional care effectively still controlled by the State and making profit albeit if Charitable recycled. Please let me know how you would like this post amended.

  13. Your article is a shambolic and twisted portrayal of the truth Finola. You have no idea about Josh and his out come otherwise much of what you have said you would not have written. Frankly, much what you have written is factually incorrect and you have assumed far too much. You have proven to many just why your words are always to be taken lightly and carefully. Had you actually known Josh’s situation then you would not and should not have written this.


  14. Finola this is not about me but about Josh and Matthew. Have you received the email that @PhillWills and @IsabelleGarnett sent to you?


    1. There are 4,000 Josh and Mathews hauled up for years in ATUs to earn 13,000 a week for venture capital. There are 100,000 of thousands in community care making billions.

      The policy of LA/CCGs is not to allow the ASD/LD to live at home with those that know and love them, but to be forecefully placed by MCA/MHA in institutions drugged with strangers. They, nor any ASD/LD will ever be returned to their parents as they have been made cashcows for private profit. This is what this blog post is pointing out and trying to stop happening.
      Parents and ASD/LD need rights over their lives .They need proper support at home and respite facilities and day centres. These would cost far less than 13,000 a week or £8,000 a week in community care. This is the issue that must be addressed.
      As I said if you would give the amendments you would like to this post here then I can change it.


      1. Except that Josh and Matthew were not hauled up for years. They are living wonderful and fulfilling lives. This article does not represent them at all.
        You are not helping these families at all but adding to the misery of many others.

      2. With all due respect I am a mother looking after a severely traumatised by state autistic daughter for years without support or respite and have taken the time to research and write an informative blog to expose what is actually happening. I have already been accused by Mark Neary of being on commission from Cygnet to wear you all down and now you state this. Do you think all this is fair per se ? LET alone to someone in my position that has devoted so much time to this blog ? Worse still you do not explain your accusations or state the amendments you feel need be made to my blog post.

      1. The problem is Finola I don’t think I’ve ever seen you reflecting on the part you play in people’s responses. The feedback I’ve seen (and I include my own in that) has come from, by and large, reasonable people who either have a different view to you or are challenging you. My experience of your responses is that you either attack back or adopt a victim position, neither of which demonstrates much reflection on your part. The folk who are upset by this blog aren’t out to get at you, they are asking for some sensitivity in the way you have presented their children’s lives.

      2. I cannot and do not use material that is not already in the public domain. Have any of these people shown me or Issy any sensitivity in the way the State has treated us?. This is the worrying fact in a supposedly support autism affected family site

      1. I don’t understand your reaction. Surely most writers, (when contacted by the two people you have written about to express their distress at your writing), would delete or seriously edit the contentious post. At best that’s just good manners and an ethical approach to blog writing. It is not good manners to dismiss their distress and instead try to make them responsible for your distress. A writer’s situation no matter how awful it may be is not the responsibility of the people the author has written about.

      2. All I AM asking for is what they are objecting to, other than that I did not ask their permission to use their childrens names, names which had been for weeks in the national media. How can I change the blog without this information.

        My distress at the personal attacks on me- no ethics, mental illness, on commission from Cygnet, being a conspiratorialist has not been considered.

      3. Never mind. I just hoped you might show a bit of grace or empathy rather than flip it to be about your distress. As a writer you must surely appreciate that your distress is irrelevant to the matter in hand.

      4. So my experiences and present plight solely caring for a 21 year old autistic severely traumatised by State abuse is irrelevant to you and others ?r

  15. On this occasion it is irrelevant because the matter in hand is your refusal to take responsibility for the distress this blog has caused to the people you have written about.


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