Hillsborough-A Victory For Truth/Justice?

george-orwell-5The scripted media questions, proclaimed, Hillsborough’s jury’s verdict ,

a victory for justice’.

The parents, that ‘the state better watch out in the future, as the public can come after them’.

But, whilst it was a victory  for truth and to some extent the victims.

Why was it necessary, and, could the public do it again ?

And if they did, what justice is this, as what have our previously ‘exposed’ scandals resulted in ?

Baby Peter, was just another horrific murder, only covered in a small newspaper column, until raised in opposition by David Cameron in Parliament, then it went viral for months.

The other 228 deaths of children known to social services,  were not mentioned.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-1142243/The-228-child-deaths-didnt-want-tell-about.html

Nor, the Social Services’ wholly inadequate, serious case review system..

The Director of Childrens Services was conveniently, wrongfully dismissed, at a cost of over a million to the tax payer.

So the details of the Child Protection systems could not be publically scrutinised .

And the result of Baby P was that children taken into care to feed a billion pound foster/adoption industry, rocketed, from 32,000, to today’s 82, 000 per year.

But we have no research, as to whether this has aided child protection.

But do know, Rotherham BC blamed the Social Workers targeting of the neglect of under 4’s, under government’s indicatives, contributed to the 15,000 teenagers and children, who were groomed and raped over 15 years.

Showing the government’s control, of both the child protection services, and the police, largely caused this terrible scandal.


We then have to ask ourselves why after 15 years of covering up this horrendous abuse in not only Rotherham but other parts of England it was suddenly exposed.

As such failings, were used by the government, as the excuse to put Doncaster ,and Rotheram, into special measures, to further their pernicious privatisation..

Similarly, the Staffordshire scandal, revealed, only after a decade of campaigning, resulted in NHS rich pickings, privatisation

The Sally Clarke/ Angela Canning miscarriages of justice, again after over a decade of similar hidden miscarriages, almost, resulted in the total statutory state control of all criminal expert evidence.

The scandal of Millie Dowler’s hacked mobile, and press hacking revealed to similarly statutorily control of the press.

Despite hacking by state agents, and lawyers, being a known practice

Jimmy Saville, long dead, resulted in millions on Yewtree prosecutions of the famous, instilling fear into the powerful.

Let us not allow, the long, hard fought for Hillsborough victims’ vindication, to be similarly, used, as an excuse to dismantle, and, incidiously privatise our police force, starting with South Yorkshire.

Hillsborough’s huge establishment cover up, was orchestrated from the top, and, not by just one corrupt police authority.

And, an invented story, fed to the press http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/kelvin-mackenzie-reacts-hillsborough-verdict-7839834

It started with an unsafe ground, the mistake of opening a gate, but was then covered up, not only by the police authority, but by lawyers, a coroner , and the establishment for 27 years.

Up to the end of the inquest ,lawyers were still being instructed, in an inquistorial system, to effectively lie.

All acted in an assassins creed cabal, the truth was made irrelevant, and, any means was authorised to whitewash.

Corruption, within the state, and its agents, is now much worse than it was in 1989.

Connections, are far closer, more secrative, and even less unaccountable.

We have been living in the age of ‘leadership’,  ‘collaboration’ and common purpose for decades.

All fear for their jobs, and careers, and are subject to draconian, vague codes of conduct.

None can break ranks, and must follow ,regardless of the corruption, and horror they are part of.

There can be no autonomy within our systems.

The executive controls the courts, police and all arms of the state.

And soon all these will be owned by a privatised, monopoly cult outsourcers with huge PR and legal budgets,

Little will or can get out ,in the world of honed self preservation and commercial confidentiality

Private corporations, are not subject to Freedom of Information Requests, nor, with their power, even the law of our land.

But , can control our lives, and our money, with the overriding duty to put profit before all.

Let Hillsborough’s legacy, be used to reinstate the rule of law, freedom, democracy, justice, and truth, and, not to further remove it.





  1. once again you have written how it is. Lets make it our slogan – somehow we have to change it back to what we all used to believe in


    1. Mosr, must already know of the charade, and, manipulation, but the systems, are so stitched up, they do not know, what to do, so continue in wilful, or no other choice blindness.

      But the truth is the truth, although one wonders, at its relevance, in the virtual world of deceit, we now live in.

      But it will/can only worsen, and one wonders why ( power), and who really is orchestrating it.

      It shows how easy it is to take over a whole nation, if you create a system of leaders, followers, power, fear, secrecy, greed, vanity and manipulation.


  2. AND a category of human beings over whom one can have complete power – the mentally incapacitated – AND a law that legalises this power without any safeguards, checks or balances AND a Mental Health Act that includes the mentally incapacitated and makes a travesty of an Act that was originally reasonably fair to the mentally ill. God help us and our sons and daughters


    1. Which effectively on paid expertise’ can make anyone a prisoner for life and a huge cash cow for private venture capital profit. Utopia for control and profit.


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