“Natural Causes”

All Thomas’ suffering and ‘treatment’ ,in the 7 months, leading to his death, was in private care provision, not, in a public NHS ATU.

His shocking abuse, in his first independent living unit in Bradford, Norcott Lodge, was also by a private provider.

The boss of Lifeways, where Thomas died, earns £450,000 per annum.

When Lifeways , sold out to Cambian backed by USA venture capital, apparently over 100 million was paid, and managers of Lifeways got a 20 million pay out.

The new owners, Cambian, immediately, put support workers pay down, to below the minimum wage.

Read Lifeways workers’ comments about working in the supported living, similar to that, where Thomas died, and what big cash cows, the learning disabled/ autistic represent.

Read of the huge pharma profits, and drugs used to control these poor vulnerable for ever more efficient ‘care’.

Yet, Paula, had to crowd fund, to pay for a toxicology report, as none was done on Thomas’ autopsy..

Read about Thomas in his final weeks.

Read how provision, such as Lifeways, are the government policy for the future support of all LD/autistc etc for life.

Read how, any matters about this service, and, service users parents,  including Paula, are gagged by the court of protection, so, no one knows what is happening in supported/independent private provision, which has its own ‘specialist hospitals’, performing a similar purpose, to the public NHS ATU.

Read how, Thomas started his independent away from home living, being abused badly by a care worker in Norcott Lodge, owned by the care provider, taken over by Cambian, who now own Lifeways.

As with Connor, even if, Paula, has a jury in Thomas’ inquest, and, the findings are dire, there is no accountability within the system

7 Days of Action

Thomas Rawnsley died on the 4th February 2015. He was 20 years old. Thomas had a diagnosis of downs syndrome and autism. He was just 4ft 10″ in height. Thomas had been in three different ATUs, leading up to his death.

Here are the words of Thomas’s mother, Paula:


Someone told me at my sons funeral that time would heal. That I would never forget him but it would get easier. I don’t want to talk about his unspeakable, cruel death he suffered alone and away from me. I don’t want to think about the horror he faced in those final hours away from me. I hurt for him and me more and more every day. I fought so hard for my boy. They were always so powerful and Thomas was special to me.

I didn’t know how I was going to cope with him when I found out he…

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