‘Sister Eleanor’ shines.



What a 16th year it has been for Eleanor.

In April, her school’s head of music, was so impressed on overhearing her clarinet playing, he asked who  was playing, and would they do a solo at the school’s Spring Serenade Concert .

And, Eleanor, became one of only four soloists, playing her Mozart’s Allegro from Divertimento no.3.


In May, to calm GSCE revision nerves, and encourage ‘self esteem’, we were told to write, a ‘Pride Letter ‘ to  our daughters.

Here it is.

Dear Eleanor

In July, Eleanor’s art was on display at her school’s Art Exhibition, and, many gawked at her, now infamous ‘strawberry’.




Excitement loomed, at the prospect of her School Prom, and, her first ball gown, bought cheaply on line, but perfect.

The trepidation of boys at her table, and dancing in the grand Sheffield City Hall.

Drink it you know you wantta

And in August, the culmination of so much hard work, 10 GCSEs  2 grade A stars, 7 grade As .

In January, Eleanor’s passion for poetry, earned her a regional finalist place, in the ‘Poetry by Heart’ Competition.

And, she was asked to perform her beloved Keats, at her School’s 139th Birthday Party last month.


A beautiful, funny young lady, with so much talent, and so much integrity,  determination and compassion.


And in July 2016 Eleanor passed her Grade 6 clarinet exam with Merit and played exquisitely at her schools solo concert in October. See video here.






  1. What a wonderful teen! My experience is that my two daughters, Clara and Gabrielle,who came after Charlie, have found themselves beautifully, and in that process with Charlie as their brother, are also keen activists to boot.


    1. Thank you Cynthia for the comment.

      Yes she is quite a star, and very much her own person, with heaps of emotional intelligence, and actually loves music, art and literature .

      Very much not a tick box person. Your girls sound similar.

      Best Wishes,



  2. Haha Finola how could you ever produce tick-box children?

    Eleanor is a beautiful, talented free spirit and you must be so proud of her.

    Only parents who’ve been caught up in the system will know the feelings of sadness – and relief when their child reaches an age when they become their own person, free from the clutches of the powers that be.

    Eleanor is going to make a big difference in this world…

    Michelle xx


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