Assessments at 4 years old… Learning Disability Profit, and Snobbery ?


‘Demography still dictates destiny for children with disabilities’

A socio educational piece, on the decline in upward social mobility, which appeared in ‘The Lancet’ last year.

Blamed the UK’s lack of social mobility in the past 40 years, on the mores, and lifestyles of our, once ‘working’ class.

Concluding, that ‘disadvantaged’ home life, caused learning disabilities .

And, assimilated a ‘disability’- an innate, intellectual impairment, with  a ‘difficulty’, due to a  different way of learning.

Supporting the government’s initiative to combine, the discrete state roles of health, education and social services, hence, its publication in the Lancet.

It predicted, at least 1 in 50 people in the UK, are learning disabled.

And was based on  reports from The Council for Advancement Support of Education.

CASE, is a merger between the American Alumni Council and the American College Public Relations Association.

‘ that the social gradient is caused mostly by education, and by childhood social, and emotional skills, such as self-esteem and locus of control—just those non-cognitive skills that are often challenged in children with learning difficulties born into less advantaged families’.

Intelligence, and academic ability are not mentioned.

Non cognitive skills- dressing, shoe lacing , washing, grooming, eating, socialising  self esteem  ,and ‘locus of control’.

Discriminating  against, and targeting  poorer households, and, the autistic,

Such non academic skills are deemed almost as crucial, to upward mobility,  as  education itself..

State schools are to be run for profit..

And extra  income, can be claimed for a child,  under a Education Care and Health statement.

And, this income, increases with the deemed severity of their  ‘learning disability’.

So there is a profit incentive, to create more learning disabled, and, increase the severity of their disability.

And, ‘skills’ teaching,  can be by  teaching assistants, increasing the profit margins..

The article ends with,

‘ If politicians truly want to be able to say to their own children “This generation did the right thing”, challenging health and social inequities in childhood is the place to start.’

Read here for the huge increase in special needs statements and children diagnosed with autism

But the politicians’ children, will not be made subject to this regime, as Education Care and Health Statements, do not apply to private schools.

And, were they to be, state educated, they would probably have sufficient ‘locus of control’ and self esteem, from their middle class upbringing.

Read this Article in the Guardian this week on the discrimination against the ‘working classes’ in education.

Private schools, spend the same amount per pupil, as state ones, but, the quality of education, is protected from exploitation, by reputation, and competition

So, the poor, are deemed poor, because they are feckless,

And, do not progress socially, because their class, automatically disables them.

This is classism at its worst.

And the state can  control, these ‘learning disabled families’, with even more classism, via social workers  with the ever present threat of draconian care orders.

Supported by such reports and ‘research’, the government announced its proposals for assessments of 4 year olds this year.

Ignoring our already disastrous reading, and numeracy attainments, and, evidence from other countries such as Germany that ‘too much too soon’ is damaging children.

Einstein didn’t talk till 4, or read till 7, would be labelled learning disabled, and written off.

Yet, the government refuses to select on either IQ, or academic achievement at 11/13 ,

And reintroduce grammar schools, the removal of which, caused, the decline in the social mobility, they are purporting to  remedy.

For the past 30 years, IQ tests, and academic selection, have been almost eradicated, and, education dumbed down.

Replaced by the ethos, that anyone, can achieve, simply by hard work, and now by a locus of control,  self esteem, and non cognitive skills.

In the state only, brave new world of factory for profit education, intelligence, and academic ability, are replaced by  psychology, self control, and ‘skills’.

And, equality of opportunity equated to , equality of academic ability.

But only for the sheep.

Our future leaders, will  retain their position at the top, via their private education.

Whilst the public are factory farmed, and used as  tools, or commodities.

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