Enforced Medication of Learning Disabled/ Autistic.

11140049_738957042881532_6240991906647090532_n (2)

The face of enforced medication.

They are rounding them up and making pin cushions of them’.

Quote from a Sheffield Care worker.

68% of people with learning disabilities, in institutions, are on many anti psychotic medications.

Of these 68%, over 90%,are being coshed with them regularly.

Despite the fact, that they have not been diagnosed, with any mental illness, let alone the most serious psychosis.


Antipsychotics, are a group of medicines, mainly used, to treat mental health illnesses, such as schizophrenia, or mania caused by bipolar disorder,  severe depression, and severe anxiety.

They are only licenced for psychosis and on a short term-3 months- basis for acute/severe behavioural problems.

They are not recommended long term for mere behavioural management, a learning disability, or autism..

Antipsychotics are major tranquillisers, the strongest form of neurosuppressant. .

Studies show schizophrenics do not like taking them, as they make them feel like zombies, emptied out, willpower drained, lives meaningless.

They are a chemical lobotomy.

They make a person physically and mentally unable to reactive/oppose, and totally compliant.

In studies animals became immobile, and did not resist being passively put into abnormal positions, but as they are not as drowsy as other sedative type drugs, a person is not asleep.

So the ideal drug for the most efficient profitable  care control and the most expensive.

Leading Psychiatrists, have publically called for an end to this use


And, the Association of Amercian Psychiatrists, warn they should not be combined, strictly monitored, and, there should be pre health assessments.


But, this does not  happen, in the prescription tick boxing, of our supported, for profit living institutions.

And, the LD/autistic cannot complain of a drug’s side effects.

In addition, the autistic/LD, are often, treated with ‘mood enhancers’ – anti depressants

Antidepressants, are drugs used for the treatment of major depressive disorder and other conditions, including dysthymia, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders, chronic pain, neuropathic pain and, in some cases, dysmenorrhoea, snoring, migraine, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), addiction, dependence, and sleep disorders.

But, are  not recommended, for merely having behaviour problems, learning difficulties, or autism.

Leading experts, oppose their use, saying, anti depressants, do more harm than good, and, this is to patients, who do have mental illness, and, can describe their side effects..


All medication prescribed in the UK, is licensed by the Medicines and Health products Regulatory Authority (MHRA)

But GPs, psychiatrists, can, and, increasingly do, choose to prescribe medication, ‘off licence’, for purposes, and at dosages, not recommended.

Particularly, as they are paid on the number of interventions, and prescriptions.

And, are targeted, and incentivised, by the UK’s third largest industry- pharmaceutical.T

NICE guidelines are just that.

Guidelines, which many professionals, and NHS Trusts, do not follow.

Therefore, there is no effective regulation, or, control on the use of prescription drugs in the UK.

Or, even, proper monitoring of the amount, dosages, and combinations.


All is left, to an on message professional, signing a script with minor adjustments, for life.

A professional, with little, or no involvement, in the day to day care, of the patient he prescribes for..

And,  no accountability for the medication he prescribes.

And, this medication, is enforced, and, unquestioned, in the ‘incapables’ ‘best interests’, under the MCA  on adults, and, by  Care Orders on children.

And, despite, these autistic and learning disabled ‘incapables’, having no diagnosed mental illness, let alone, a severe one.

And, despite, no attempt at behaviour management, or physical assessment,

Nor, investigation into a physical cause, for their behaviour, or, even any  pain, these patients, who have communication difficulties, may be suffering.





n or control of the use of prescription drugs in the UK.

Or even a check on the amount prescribed, their dosages or us.

All is left to an on message professional signing a script for life.

A profession with little on no involvement with the day to day care of their patient.

And no accountability for the medicines he prescribes.














  1. Thank you Finola for your continued research uncovering the awful truth, especially when you have your own battle to fight! It seems incredible that there are so many professionals/organisations saying its wrong to use drugs to manage anxiety/challenging behaviour and other interventions/understanding should be used and yet it continues. IT MUST STOP! We are killing people!! It is very common for people with ASD to reach a crisis point around 15 – 25yrs (a difficult and confusing time for anyone). There should be more help/intervention to support people with ASD and their families at that time to avoid an escalation to being deprived of their liberty. Of course there would be a cost to provide that help/intervention but it would be far less and more humane than the absolute cruelty that is currently on offer!


  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It is very much appreciated.

    Sadly, all the facts/figures, and profit interests, ie the supported living industry, of increasingly venture capital, able to claim an average of £4,000 , a week, and much more, on the severity of behaviour, to say nothing of the private and public hospitals, that the LD/autistic, are now holed up in, points to one thing only, the LD/autistic, are huge pharma, and care cashcows, but, are not helped by all this public money, being thrown at them, but, tortured and killed.

    The side effects, and harm of these drugs, is well known, but the ‘incapable’ is made by law, a captive consumer, tortured for life, and often killed, and his parents forced to watch.

    Often, from my experience of my own daughter, and research on others- Tianze Ni and Thomas particularly, it is the drugs per se, and/ or their withdrawal, that cause the problem in the first place, and then it is a downward spiral.

    We have seen from the taking over by venture capital of increasingly more supported living, and the reduction of carers salaries to below minimum wage, and the staffing in St Andrews Hospital, that the public money being used to provide ‘care’, is mainly taken as profit, and management salaries.

    The really shocking thing, is that the system is geared, to worsen the behaviour, as the worse behaviour becomes, the more money can be ‘justified’ and claimed on a form.

    Even the autistic’s cognitive ability ie IQ, is now based on adaptive skills, that ascertain how much support is needed, rather than actual cognitive ability, which is why, so many autistic are now deemed wrongly, to have a learning ‘disability’.

    It seems totally bizarre, that we have a state, that thinks a learning disability, then equates, to the need for medication ? Unless, it is to make profit.

    And, the same state, wonders why the LD/autistic, have behavioural problems when they are encaged, and their every move, and relationship dictated, which is now the only future provide by LAs.
    No, sadly the LD/autistic, are being harvested for profit, and used as commodities, the medication is deliberate, and also makes huge profits for our pharma industry, and allows efficient abusive ‘care’..


    1. But Mathew, like all the other scandals revealed, is in public NHS care. As was Winterbourne View.

      Whilst the scandals in private NHS/LA health trust provision, like Thomas Rawnsley, are not revealed.

      This is deliberate exposure, to move public NHS provision, to private local provision using public funds, which solves nothing for the autistic/LD, in fact, it is worse, as this provision will be for life, with no reviews possible, as under the MHA, as will be under the MCA, as such ‘care’, will be deemed in their ‘best interests’ by the Court of Protection.


  3. It is as you say, a frightening prospect that so many young people suffering autistic anxiety which seems to peak around puberty, do not receive understanding or support at this time and many will end up in a ‘no going back’ downward spiral being removed from their place of safety i.e. parental home to being drugged, tortured and possibly killed at the hands of the LA’s/NHS. Britain has no right to point a finger at other countries human rights!


  4. But, the elephant in the room, and unspoken, is that they must know this, otherwise how could so much have been spent on autism education, training etc.

    They, also know, that most autistics, are at least of average intelligence, and do not have learning disabilities, but difficulties, due to their autism.

    Yet, the two are equated in schools, particularly NAS ones, as I found out, but not in private ones that do not require SEN funding, and to exacerbate matters, the test now used, to assess learning disability, is adaptive, based on support needed, not cognitive ability.

    This all points, to a deliberate modus, to create a LD/ASD market for profit, as it cannot all be accidental or incompetence or mere neglect..


  5. What is worrying here is that these dangerous medications have not been tested on people with autism/LD. The pharma trials are not tested on people with autism/LD because of their lack of consent. Yet they are still being given to people who cannot give consent. They are being prescribed blindly. They are being used as learning curves by some doctors. They are being used experimentally on people who are extremely vulnerable. These patients cannot explain how the drugs are affecting them. Many are suffering unwanted side effects which are effecting their quality of life. It has to stop.

    Many anti-epilepsy medications contain mood enhancers. Taking mood enhancers when you do not have a mental illness can harm you. Taking them for years and years can make you psychotic. A terrible reality for some people.

    Treating the physchosis with anti-depressants lowers the threshold for seizures. Anti-depressants have the opposite effect on some people which can make them aggressive even if they were normally calm and passive. If that happens they then roll out the benzodiazepines. Highly addictive and again changes the persons personality and can make them anxious. Some highly trained epilepsy consultants do not believe you should give benzodiazphines to people with LD Every drug has the propensity to change the person’s behaviour for the worse.

    It would be a good idea if it was mandatory for psychiatrists/doctors to fill out the yellow card to describe the harmful effects it is having on their patients. That way it could be a monitering tool for people with LD/autism. This could be funded by the big Pharma Companies.

    Or maybe do not medicate them at all and give them talking therapies and psychological input. Maybe even give them some decent services to enhance their lives.


    1. Dear Pauline, you are so right, and, it is all so wrong.

      As you say, not only are these drugs, not licenced, merely because a person is autistic, learning disabled, or has behaviour problems- as they define them, and caused by encagement, but the drugs themselves, have little effect, and huge deadly side effects, even when tested on non autistic/.LD..

      And, if you see my post https://finolamoss.wordpress.com/2015/07/14/mca-incapables-perfect-pharma-and-research-cashcows-with-few-safeguards/

      You will see, the Mental Capacity Act, was drafted, not only, to illegally remove the autistic/LD’s capacity to consent to medication, and their parents, by removing their lasting powers of attorneys, and refusing them guardian ship,, but the Act, also allows any research and/or drug trial to be performed on our most vulnerable.

      So, the living hell of all these people, in what is portrayed as independence in the community, and daily decided by lawyers and courts, to be in their best interests, is a living hell as pharma, and care cash cows ,and lab rats.

      And, their parents, are powerless to stop this .

      And, all over the past 15 years charities etc blogs etc have conspired, to allow this, and are still pushing, and building up literally a supported living empire, to enact this.

      Worse still, I have found there are no other services for the autistic, other than drug them and lock them up,, just lots of roles, and behaviour charts, and bureaucratic forms, and meetings that enforce the lock em up policy.

      All, most autistics want, is a decent one to one education, and to be left alone, with some day centre, and clubs, and be able to lead their own life with their own friends and family.

      Which is what happens, if they manage to escape being labelled, and harvested by the state, by attending private schools.

      Everyday, I beat myself up, that I did not get my daughter into a private school at 5/ 7, before her life was destroyed by the state.

      A state, that has by now earned nearly two million from her, and continues.

      Thank you so much for your comment, it is much appreciated.

      I just would love to know, how we sort out this money making cabal, but at least we may inform, as to what is actually happening.

      Best wishes


    2. Sorry, forgot to mention, in 2009, Liam Byrne MP in Hansard asked for the amount government spent, on Risperidol , and it was also mentioned, the number of yellow cards issued by the NHS, in respect to deaths from this, and nearly all of these deaths were noted as a person having autism and/ or learning disabilities.

      Yet, now, 7 years on, nothing is being done, except to enforce drugs on more and more under the MCA, and then not investigate their deaths, or if they do, do not do toxicology tests on post mortems, and then declare narrative verdicts, if their is an inquest, that they died of ‘natural causes’.

      It would appear the contribution their medication played in their death is not investigated.

      I have not seen anything since about the collection, and analysis of the Yellow Card system.

      The NHS and pharma systems, protect themselves, not their patients, and their systems, particularly, in the last 10 years, have been honed to perfection.

      Unlike in the USA, where there is private medical insurance, and drug companies, can be sued by big insurance companies, we, and our children are powerless, sitting ducks, with a state, that can act with impunity with our lives and health.


  6. Dear Pauline,

    You are so right, often autistics/LD, if not given antipsychotic drugs, are give Fluroxetine an antidepressant which then often makes their behaviour worse, ie very aggressive, and leads to their removal by section MHA, as obviously this makes them a danger to others, to £4500 a week private, mainly now, ie St Andrews Mental Hospitals where they are kept first in a holding ward to, purportedly ‘stabalise’ them by more drugs.

    There is no check on amount of drugs used, and as GPs are paid on scripts and interventions, there is a profit motive to prescribe.

    Once this happens, with no power, how can family ever get their children back ? As we have seen 3500 are in ATU public, and only 2 so far, have been moved out- one to St Andrews, ie same as ATU only private.

    If they do manage to avoid the ATU fate, at 18, the only adult service provision is supposed ‘independent’ living institutions, which are barely distinguishable from ATUs, except they might get out in a van once a week if lucky, and this is for life, with LA reviews, but no escape.

    Again in these places, such as owned by Lifeways now Cambian, or Spectrum or Hesley all commissioned monopolies now, they are taken to holding bays houses and stabalised, so same routine as ATU.

    This is factory drugging and farming, and rubber stamped by courts under the MCA to be in their ‘best interests’, but the court does not review their care, even now when DOLs have to be reviewed yearly, there still has to be a ‘material’ change in circumstances, for even a change in the DOLS, which will not be to return home.

    There is no accountability for medical . care, or anything, as the Adult Services Managers, who review the independent/supported living are employed by the commissioning LA, who would be legally liable if anyone could sue, for inadequate service.

    The horror of the lives of these poor vulnerable, deemed insentient under MCA, just google the side effects of some of their medicines lodged by normal users..They cannot complain of these, and even if they could what good would it do.

    So we have a sealed business system, for huge profit, unseen and unaccountable, but what suffering..



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