What Happened in Thomas Rawnsley’s Final Weeks?

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‘It seems I alone have to prove Thomas died because of so many failings’

Paula Rawnsley, Thomas’ Mother.

Here, she describes the weeks before he died in the IamThomas Facebook site.

Then they had enough, of this increasingly complex young man and his troublesome mum, so they went to the court of protection, to place him in an untried, untested holding bay in Sheffield (Kingdom House), when they had in fact been told, by an independent hospital managers hearing, they had broken, so many codes of practice and must lift Thomas’ section and find Thomas, a robust care package in his local community!!

They didn’t want to do this, so told the judge at the court of protection hearing, if he was to stay in their ATU one moment longer they would close it down and move every patient there out of area

So there Thomas’ death sentence was set!

We know he was treated appallingly at Kingdom House, but we don’t know how he came to die.

Media come and ask for Thomas’ story only to disappear without telling it!

( as it did not fit the honed PR, of abuse in Public ATUs, Thomas’ private Cambian provision being the solution to Winterbourne not the problem)

Why?? Where’s  the anger and the public outcry??

Why is my beautiful boy being dismissed again??

Yes we all really fucked up here and made Thomas Rawnsley’s  life a living nightmare, placed his poor body and mind under unimaginable stress and if we hadn’t he would still be here”

I know that won’t happen, and I know, we have so long to wait and so much work to do but what do I do in between to keep Thomas’ memory alive?

How do I keep him, his life, and also his horrific, completely preventable death in the forefront of people’s minds?

How do I deal with waiting to find out how he died? What killed him?

I’ve read their horrific versions of events and nothing makes sense.

Why was my son naked and covered in his own excrement when the paramedics came?

What happened?

He’d gone, without knowing, I was there holding him, and willing him to live, without seeing me for a whole week before his collapse.

I believe he’d actually gone in that hell hole with a man he hated, and had made allegations about by his side, although I don’t know, because I don’t know which of the three accounts, if any are true, and he laid there dying with an injury on his torso that was caused in the days leading up to his death.

12321480_804974259613143_5123927975648449914_n (2)

An expert, paid by the state, gave evidence, that this injury to Thomas’ torso, could not have been caused by a carpet burn, and, was a skin condition.

This, was later proved incorrect, by a care worker, admitting it was a carpet burn.

Thomas appeared, to have been dragged around desperately ill, and drugged, for £4,000 per week, weeks  before  his fatal collapse,

His Mother continues;

He died only three weeks after a meeting, where both myself, and his father were frantically telling the authorities, they were going to kill our son,

because Thomas’ physical and mental health had deteriorated, and his allegations, were being ignored, only to be told, we were being intimidating, and the meeting should be halted, and a court should decide.

 A court,  that had already decided Thomas should be moved away from his family, to a holding bay, with no experts in learning disabilities or autism, and without medical staff.

A holding bay who’s management, were only interested in collecting the thousands of pounds every week that having Thomas there brought them.

Thomas died only a week after yet another meeting about his return home, where yet again we were told that nothing had moved regarding a return home for Thomas, and the authorities, and their legal representatives, only became animated, when the media were mentioned, and we were told

under no circumstances could we go to the media.

Today, I am sorting through a mountain of paperwork, because it seems that I alone, have to prove Thomas died because of so many failings, and it’s destroying me, because I’m reading through arguments, fears, lies and my desperation to get Thomas home and safe when he is in fact dead.

 In my eyes, I believe he was tortured and killed by people, who still have their jobs, families, freedom and who don’t give a damn about the life taken, and the lives ruined by their actions!!’

The Court of Protection, Local Authority and Thomas’ own legal representative, the Official Solicitor found Lifeways/Cambian ‘care’ to be in Thomas’ ‘best interests’ under the Mental Capacity Act.

They recommended and ordered it.

Thomas, had no choice, or rights nor did his parents.

But, our state appears, not to allow  accountability or even truth.

And, Thomas’ death, can but be, one of many, as the LD/ASD  are dying in record numbers.

We will never know their  fate, nor that,  of  the disappeared, encaged in secret .

Only that, it will continue, and worsen, as profit, jobs, and economic growth, are dependent upon such horror.

It is difficult to imagine, a worse evil, than a state, that removes its most innocent and vulnerable from loving families to such hell, and a nation that stands back and allows it to happen.

Here is a video of Thomas, taken by his mother, two days before he died in Kingdom House




  1. Finola again God help us and our children. I go to your blog every day – you are the one who is saying it how it should be heard.


  2. Thank you so much Shirley.

    I needed your shot in the arm to keep me going.

    As you have probably gathered I cannot blog about my own desperate plight.

    And I assume, in view of the lack of information now on iamthomas etc, that Paula is in a similar situation.

    Yet, as you know, the only gagging restrictions on COP, are that the incapacitated person’s name is not published.

    Hearings in the CA, are now open to the public, yet we see little of what is happening up there in the papers, we know why, as they are all singing to the governments policies.

    As are all the blogs and ‘campaigners’.

    So how will the truth ever be revealed, as the only policy, is to use the deemed ‘disabled’, as commodities for private profit, with ever more secret, private care for life, with no regulation, or rights given to the parents or the ‘disabled’.

    And, all feeding into the multibillion pound industry, that has been, since the MCA, in the making……………

    I hope you and Martin, are as well as you can be, as we reach another Spring, alas without much, if any hope.


  3. I think about you and Issy every day and as you say your desperate plight. I can publish all judgments re Martin with names, but who cares to read them. Martin and I have written to the Law Commission re the MCA, they have responded correctly and with understanding, but only refer back to the Government. I can prove that none of the £1,000,000 that has been spent on Martin’s fees by Surrey LA and Chiltern CCG has been spent on him (its gone to,the shareholders of the managing company, of course). No there isn’t much hope, is there.


  4. That is why, they are such smug bullies, but do not, want to be exposed as such.

    All has to be shinny and excellent.

    I would ask your lawyers about going to the Petitions Committee in the EU Parliament, they have had an effect, and investigation last year into forced adoptions, because of a mother’s petition.

    It would get at least exposure, that UK citizens are being removed and caged yearly, in huge numbers, without legal justification or due process.

    As you know better than anyone, the House of Lords Select Committee’s Report, highlighting this illegal practice, and enforcement of the MCA, is now two years old, and the situation is now worse.

    Thank you so much for thinking about me and Issy, we are very isolated, and have no support.

    All is a cabal, and as Owen said, of the first world war, ‘None will break ranks, though nations trek from progress’.

    And, it will be worse, if we vote out of EU, which is what the government are really manipulating, they want us really isolated…………….

    Will email and tell you more of Issy.

    Take care, and know, that I very much appreciate your comments, and thoughts about poor Issy.

    Best wishes to you and Martin, you both have lost your lives for what, and why.

    We should not be controlled by an unaccountable state, that benefits so much financially from that control….



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