Thomas Rawnsley, ATU, Kingdom House, Lifeways, Billions profit from ‘Social Care’


Thomas in ATU on medication .

The horrific abuse of Thomas in his ‘independent’ living from December 2012 to Spring 2013 left him deeply traumatised.

His mum Paula said,

To see such a change in your child is heart breaking and I just felt so helpless. He became violent and angry and mistrustful of more people due to fear out of what may happen to him.

“We have had to take him to hospital on numerous occasions because he has tried to selF harm by doing things such as hitting his head on the wall, which we think is linked to the abuse’.

So, what was health and social care’s solution?

The only one it appears to have if someone is ‘difficult’ to manage.

Medicate, in a hospital treatment unit.

So a Kirklees mental health doctor ‘assessed’ Thomas and recommended, he be ‘treated’ in Lynfield Mount Hospital in Bradford.

His Mum was vehemently opposed.

His abuse in Norcott House had been acted on Thomas was now safe and it was still his home.

Paula said,

The hospital will not be able to manage him. I’m scared they will just control him with medication. I feel Thomas is being moved from pillar to post by the very people who are supposed to be helping him. He has been let down.”

Despite her pleas in October 2013 Thomas was put in a van and transported to the Highfield Unit, of Lynfield Mount Hospital under a MHA section.

Where he remained 10 long months in a tortured heavily drug induced hell.

What further psychological and physical harm must this ‘treatment’ have caused  Thomas.

Paula wrote,

He can’t eat, he can’t talk – he just dribbles. He’s been turned into a junkie; he’s addicted to his anti-psychotic drugs because he’s kept on the maximum dose to make it easier for them to cope.

 It breaks my heart. He sits naked in a corridor just wrapped in a quilt. He has no modesty or dignity in there.

He is my beautiful, beautiful little boy. When I ask the unit why he’s left naked like that they tell me it’s what he wants. I ask them lots of questions, I don’t get real answers. I think they see me as a trouble-maker but I’m not, I’m Thomas’s mum.’


Thomas was 19, alone, deeply traumatised, 4ft 10 inches, Downs and Autistic.

And this was his at least £8,000 + per week NHS treatment.

It was even proposed, Thomas be sent to St Andrews Hospital, Northampton 125 miles away.

Despite a placement being found in Bradford and his Mum’s Petition to NHS Bradford and LA see here

In July 2014, Thomas was yet again put in a van and driven 50 miles.

As he was now 19  and this was a move to ‘community living’ ‘a home of his own’, this was under a MCA deprivation of liberty order to  Kingdom House, in Sheffield.

Owned by Lifeways Community Care Ltd,  it had just been built  and made ‘operational’ in July, just in time for Thomas..

Who was its first, and only resident, joined eventually by one other, despite its 8 person capacity.

Kingdom House, was described as,

‘, physical and mental reablement  and respite facility, designed for adults with learning disabilities, those on the autistic spectrum and sensory impairments, mental health issues and complex needs’..

And could provide,

high complex care service for people with learning disabilities, complex health needs, autism and physical disabilities.”

But, does not mentioned what this service consisted of.

And, no one enquired  how, Kingdom House proposed to cope with, let alone help, a highly traumatised Thomas, now  miles away from his family with different strangers.

Yet, this placement was commissioned by the local health and social care trust without even an inspection from the CQC for at least £4,000 a week.

And a Court of Protection Judge, the LA, and Thomas’ Official Solicitor paid and chosen to represent him, all decided Kingdom House was in his ‘best interests’.

Why and How could they all have decided this ?

What did Kingdom House have that the two proposed placements in Bradford  did  not ?

A designated number of CIB checked care workers,  ‘trained’ and approved,  after one day’s induction on restraint, health and safety, and medicine administration.

Thomas’’ risk assessment’,  and care plan, photos of workers on walls, a secure safe environment, drugs and a management system.

Internet packages, CQC Compliant off peg models can be used to set up such deemed ‘specialist’ care.

But only the big, approved players, like Lifeways, will be commissioned.

Lifeways, had already been tipped for success back in 2011.

Venture Capital advisors had reported,

private equity could potentially play an important role in achieving the government’s objective of migrating services out of NHS hospitals and into safe, more convenient and more economical community based settings’.

Lifeways had already  acquired  Support Options, Independent Living Alliance, SLC Group and Oaklands Community Care and  more recently Care UK.

Lifeways has since been acquired by Cambian, part of Omers Private Equity Portfolio, who had also acquired Homeleigh Care, who owned Norcott House, where Thomas was so badly abused.

In October 2016 Cambian was bought by US Universal Health Services whose ex chief executive was Simon Stevens now head of NHS England.

Venture capital cares only about balance sheets, acquisitions, and sell offs,  not Thomas.

It makes profit from  asset stripping our social care and our most vulnerable.

Their private profit, made from our public funds.

Making profits for investors, mainly pension funds and banks,

Cambian’s Chief Executive Officer, earns  £450,000 per annum.

Company directors also share in acquisition payments.

August Equity paid £46 million for Lifeways in 2007, and then sold it, to Omers Private Equity  for £210 million

Read promotion of investment in Health and Social Care by brokers.

The Care Quality Commission did not even inspect Kingdom House  until November 2014 after it received  “concerns about the service“.

I assume from Paula Rawnsley who had complained to them that she suspected her son was being abused and was unhappy .

Yet despite these concerns and no other prior inspection the CQC decided on an announced, routine inspection.

Which stated;

People using the service did not voice or express to us any concerns or worries with regards to their safety at the service.

What is meant by ‘safety’?

And how could service users, be expected to ‘express concerns’, when heavily medicated, with communication difficulties and at the 24/7 mercy of those, they were raising concerns about?

Prior to the inspection, we spoke with one relative who had concerns that incidents and allegations were not followed up appropriately by the service. We did not find evidence to support this to be the case’.

How could this be ascertained, from an announced inspection’s paper work, and a handful of on message, management teamed itinerant care workers desperate to keep their jobs ?

If you read the CQC report, it appears, Lifeway’s expensive ‘ high complex care services’ to ‘reable’ Thomas,

Consisted of a few shift workers, who medicated, allowed a resident to help them cook, arranged themed evenings in the house, and, took them to the shops’.

How could anyone, think this, adequate for Thomas’ now, very severe needs?

Or warrant £4,000 + per week.

Here is a video of Thomas mother Paula talking to Learning Disabled England in a meeting in 2014 months before Thomas died.

She says how Thomas sobs to come home every night on the phone from Kingdom House.

He never did.

The meeting was called by LDE to hear the disabled’s voices instead Paula was gagged by the LA/COP and Thomas died shortly afterwards.



Thomas before his abuse in Norcott House and ATU ‘treatment’.




  1. Can’t the UK Gov be taken to task via the EU? or is it that desperate everywhere? Ridiculous amounts for abusive care. of our most vulnerable …very sad. I remember visiting around residential places when I lived in England, and left highly suspicious of many, one wouldn’t let me see the residents. I can one children’s facility was the ONL one I would have had any confidence in- very well set up.


  2. EU doesn’t want to get involved in domestic issues, but it might be possible to petition on the Human Rights issue, and there is UN on the MCA.

    But, there is no one campaigning even…………………………..

    As, there is so much money involved, and, so many jobs, to say nothing of the huge pharma profits which
    boost our economy.

    Governments, have subverted welfare, NHS, and public services, for profit, so, ironically, places like the USA, are in fact, in a better position.

    Most of the main legislation, to allow venture capital, to increase the vulnerable market, and control it ie LD/autism/alzeimers, like the MCA, and to gain control of Charities CA 06, was put in place by Blair, but, it is the Tories, who are now capitalising on it.

    No one, appears to realise, what is going on, except those, whose jobs depend on it, and, they have deliberately made themselves wilfully blind.

    It appears, certain sections of society, are now used as big commodities, and the media are gagged or totally behind it.

    And huge corporate monopolies, will soon own everything, and even worse, they are unaccountable ……….

    In these places were all LD/autistic are herded for life, owned by venture capital, there are no spy cameras, no visitors, no checks, and all decisions made by the care providers on a risk assessed profit basis.

    And, this is for life with no oversight of court, and, even when these poor wretches die, then, it is declared by ‘natural causes’, as if Downs, autism, LD, causes physical illness and death.

    It is quite terrifying, and unbelievable.

    Thank you for your comment, and hope all is well with you.
    Best wishes,



    1. Perhaps Finola we need to arrange for signs like ‘abandon hope all who enter here’ to be above these places. They did this to the old workhouses in the nineteen century. People at the time did at least recognise that these places were dire and not fit for purpose. Unlike today with all the PR rubbish that is used to make us believe that these places are actually working. What a sorry sorry place this country has become. So many people driven by greed and power. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to have our welfare state taken over by big businesses and venture capitalists?

      You are doing a great job exposing the dreadful unfairness of it all. I admire the way you have never tired of speaking out against what is so wrong about the care of people with a learning disability..


  3. Thank you very much for your comment Pauline. It is very much appreciated.

    As to the people, who thought of running welfare by big business, have a look at the cast of the Healthinvestors Award ceremony, held in 2012 by the BBC, and you can see why the government was eager to pass the Health and Welfare Bill facilitating all of this

    The care home sector, has been largely always been private, with little real competition allowed, as commissioned by the LA or Health and Social Care Trusts.

    That in itself is a dangerous situation, as there is a conflict of interest, between the role of commissioner of services, and overseers, which are both done by the LA, as the commissioners would be liable, if there were failings in their commissioned services.

    As too there is a conflict, between the Safeguarding Authorities, and Serious Case Reviewers, as these are also part of the LA.

    So there is no independent oversight.

    Once a care package is enforced by a court, in a person’s ‘best interests’ under MCA, as with Thomas, and now all disabled at 18 by the COP, it is then up to the care provider, to make all the decisions, to effect a care plan for life, with oversight only from an adult services manager.

    Families have no rights
    And, the service user no voice.

    This must change.

    Particularly, as all the private independent living companies, are now being bought up by venture capital, to rip off for maximum profit, and discard at will ,as they did with Southern Cross.


  4. How did it ever happen that the MHA (which is a reasonably appropriate Act, was allowed to include learning disability and autism? HOW DID IT HAPPEN? wHY IS NO ONE LEGASLLY PROTESTING?????


    1. Protesting, is even very difficult now, and would do little good as no media outlet would cover it.

      We are living in the wild west. There is no law.

      We can be lynched, by our LAs, health and social care trusts, all soon to be, effectively a venture capital owned portfolio, of USA /Canada.

      Our children taken, tortured, and often killed for profit with impunity, to profit, from our public money.

      It is the perfect investment, no accountability, ever increasing market – the definition of learning disability, is now on a list of adeptive skills, not cognitive, hence LD increased already from 2% to 5%, and we have an epidemic of autism, effectively most quite, shy /different/ late developers, could be diagnosed

      We are living, as the Jews did in Germany, waiting for the van, and removal.

      The independent/supported living housing facilities are being built throughout the country, with their own hospitals .

      We now have health and social care working together in MASH, and community medicine has been created, and rubber stamping courts to enforce.

      Soon all that can be, will be- disappeared.



  5. Lynfield Mount Hospital is where anti-corruption activist and war veteran Norman Scarth was unlawfully incarcerated. He’s now living in exile but still fighting corruption – at 90 years of age!


    1. Sorry for not thanking you for your comment, but only just seen it.

      Glad this man escaped and living a long productive life.

      I should imagine few do…………….. and this is the most expensive treatment


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