Petition · David Cameron MP: Change the laws on vulnerable adults/adults with learning disabilities ·

All those, who have read my blog, know that parents of the learning disabled/ autistic, have no rights, nor do their children, against the huge state cabal of health, and social care.

Even if, their child, signs a lasting power of attorney to them, to look after their welfare, this will be overridden by the Court of Protection, illegally, on the grounds that their child is ‘incapable’ of   ever being able, to make a  decision per se.

This removal, of all legal capacity by the state. must warrant, as the worse form of disability discrimination, and, the most severe, draconian interference with the human rights of parents, and, the deemed mentally disabled .

As, the learning disabled have no rights, their capacity, and legal competency is removed, and, they are prevented from making any decisions for life.

A life without choice, is no life.

They are disappeared, from the community, removed from their family, and placed in private profit, venture capital ‘care’/cages, for which our government pay  £3,500 minimum per week, of our money, made available to the disabled and their families, under the Chronically Sick and Disabled Act 1970, to private, increasingly venture capital, monopoly owners.

In the  lie of supported ,or, ‘independent living’.

Once 18, they are children of the state.

A state, that has been seen, to abuse them in secret.

3 a day at the very least, are now dying needlessly.

Only 1% of their deaths are even investigated.

And, when they are, only after an expensive family fight, all are said to die of ‘natural causes’.

But, how can that be ?

They are only learning disabled, a term, that is being applied to more and more, by use of an unfair, discriminatory, adeptive test

And, not physically ill.

I am unsure, what law the petition, is asking to be changed.

We do not need the law to be changed, we just need it, to be enforced legally by the courts, social services, and the Official Solicitor appointed to act for the disabled.

By any Lasting Powers of Attorney, not being overridden by the Court of Protection illegally, on the basis, that a learning disabled person, who signed one, in favour of their parents to take care of them, was at the time incapable, when the MCA assumes capability until proven otherwise, and this cannot be retrospective.

And to allow these parents Guardianship of their own children for life, if they wish, without state interference.

This will then give parents the rights, they need against the state, so there, is no need to change the law, except in so far, as parents should automatically, be given rights over their own children to make decisions jointly with them about their future care..





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  1. This petition is exactly what we need, but what lengths are we driven to before this happens. My heartfelt sympathy to this mother


  2. In so far as the mentally disabled and their families need rights, particularly, in view of the effect of MCA and how it is being illegally enforced with blanket illegal under UN EU capacity assessments in secret, yes.

    But the facts/reasons for these rights and the rights themselves, petition for, may be focused, not to help much, as they appear to be to encourage the creation of disability hate crimes.

    And, those managing care will not be prosecuted.

    And whilst this may be a good thing, such convictions of the public ,can only support the view that the vulnerable are not safe living at home with their families, and are in fact in danger of what happened to this boy happening to them, so should be removed to state, ‘safe’ care.

    So am a little sceptical, and unclear about what rights are being asked for.

    If just criminal hate speech and assault, this is not the most important issue, as already such offences exist this will just make them aggravated..

    As the biggest discrimination shown is by the state is removing all decisions from the vulnerable, and encaging and forcing medication, and as we have seen, killing them.


  3. Finola this makes me feel nauseus as there but for the grace of God,…..

    We all know that nobody is safe, and it’s my biggest fear. How do parents carry on when their child dies of cruelty and neglect and all in their ‘Best Interest’

    Marie would never survive independent ‘of family’ living, with a relay of carers who seem to get away with the most appalling cruelties.

    The more challenging the behaviour, the more she is at risk from restraint and abuse by staff who are not qualified to look after her.

    Like your Issy, she’s an angel at home, and like your Issy, she was in residential care and came home in a shocking neglectful state.

    Nobody knows our children better than us?

    I’ll be catching up on your posts over the next few days.

    I wonder could the European Court of Human Rights help us? Somebody needs to!!


    1. We can only imagine, if we can dare to, or, cannot stop ourselves doing so, of the horror of watching, if we were allowed, or could bear to, the suffering, and abuse of our vulnerable loved ones , alone in a ‘care’ placement.

      Many, many parents must have, already, helplessly and hopelessly, witnessed their child alone, and abused, in such provision, with at a minimum 3 a day LD dying needlessly.

      Paula Rawnsley, has revealed her unimaginable pain, and concern for years, over her son’s care,even warning his ‘carers’, they would kill Thomas, if they continued their treatment.

      Worse still, these adult children are vulnerable, cherished, and very much loved, and torn from loving homes, on the gross lie, that it is in their ‘best interests’, because the state says so.

      This ‘best interests’ is untested and, it is not investigated into, as to whether it actually is, nor the effect of living with, itinerant paid strangers, deracinated from all those they loved, and know, and all the things they liked to do and our familiar with.

      And why, simply because, it is our governments only support for the adult vulnerable, because it allows their ‘care’, to be used to make venture capital profit.


  4. Well, we have the options of, a Petition, to the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament , my favourite; to the United Nations under Article 12, for the illegal removal of legal competency, and decision making capacity, and to the European Court of Human Rights, but this is more restricted, and, requires exhaustion of all courts in UK first, for breach of Family Rights and Privacy under art 2. 6, and 8 for the disabled, and s6, 8 for their parents.


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