Corporate abuse of disabled people needn’t sound the death knell for your career

Here is a blog post about a whistle blower, who blew the whistle on Wirral Borough Council.

It appeared, disabled supported living tenants in its care, were being financially abused, and bullied.

It cost the whistle blower his job, and, took 9 years to expose.

And was only possible, because of local media, and, an audit commission, would they be available today?

The only state policy, for those now in mental long stay hospitals, is, to move them to local supported living, and ‘specialist’ hospitals. Owned by private for profit venture capitalists.

And, the only Adult Social Services support, for all autistic, learning disabled, and physically disabled at 18, is for such support termed ‘independent living’,  despite 24 hour surveillance, and all decisions being made by the support provider.

Local Authorities, via Health and Social Care Trusts, both commission, and police, these ‘supported living’ arrangements, and, the ownership of the provision is being bought up by USA and Canadian  venture capital.

So, there is little, if any, oversight, or protection, of such provision, some has not even been tick boxed by the CQC.

And, the service users, and, their families have no rights, not even a voice, and, all is in  secret.

Wirral In It Together

7th July 2015

Some years ago, Wirral Borough Council’s reputation lay in complete tatters, after a number of Social Services’ senior officers had been found financially abusing disabled supported living tenants in their care – at three locations in Moreton, Wirral.

This abuse went on for NINE long years, even though a social worker told them very early on what they were doing was illegal and morally wrong.

But the officers dishing out the abuse ignored his warnings, isolated him, bullied him, mobbed him and drove him out of his job.

That employee was social worker Martin Morton.  Eventually he decided he was not going to “stay bullied”.  He blew the whistle to the local press, brought in the Audit Commission, and fought for wide ranging external investigations into bullying, power abuse, and serious failures in high level governance.

Many years later he was finally vindicated – completely – and offered his job back.  Very wisely, he refused…

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  1. God in heaven help us – I cant do anything to get Martin out of this. For 10 years I have been trying –


  2. God in heaven help us – I cant do anything to get Martin out of this. For 10 years I have been trying – DWP over ruled my EPA, £30,000 of Martin,s benefits now in LA’s hands.


    1. Hi Shirley, I hope you and Martin, are as well as you can be, under the outrageous circumstances.
      I read somewhere that HOL select committee looking again at MCA. But MCA, a huge money spinner and controller , of all the privatised welfare con, that now fuels venture capital, and pharma investment, to say nothing of all the income for lawyers. Our vulnerable and children with our/their personal assets, and entitlement under public funds, because of their disability under the Chronically Sick and Disabled Act 1970, are literally helping to boost the UK economy. This is the great political master plan of Blair and third way, hatched over 20 years, so difficult to fight. That does not denigrade from the fact, that it is illegal, and a huge scandal. AND one of the biggest blots on British justice and moral compass of our age……………


    Hi Finlamoss and thanks for your comment.

    Just to clarify, although I was a whistleblower at Wirral Council in 2003, and forced out, the whistleblower at Adult Social Services reported illegal charges, theft from bank accounts, abuse, disability discrimination and more.

    He is Martin Morton … and his excellent blog appears at


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