Lets give some false hope and promise a local bespoke package…..won’t that be funny!

More on the inhumane treatment of the disabled and autistic by the authorities/courts/state, charged, and paid to protect them.

Please read this post by Thomas Rawnsley’s Mum, Paula .

Cry, and do something about it.

This is what his parents were told by the authorities, when Thomas was removed, and  died from their ‘care’ and ‘treatment’.

In situations such as this the trust would always work closely with the family and other health care providers to ensure that an individual’s needs are met in the best way possible,” she said.

“We understand that transition into another care setting can be distressing for all involved and our staff are trained to advise on the support families can access.”

Such chillingly impersonal. paternalism.

Thomas, will have earned, at least £3,000 a week, for his independent living provider, and, over £4,000 per week, would have been being paid at the same time, to the owners of the Adult Treatment Unit.

So, for those weeks, before his death, it is likely, as the LA would have been contractually bound to continue to pay his independent living provider, over £7,000 pounds per week, was being paid out of the public purse, to contain, drug , effectively torture, and kill, a vulnerable, defenceless very young (20) adult.

So this is not about LA cuts, or lack of resources.

This is about making huge profits, out of the deemed ‘disabled’.

And why, 3 learning disabled, still die needlessly per day.

And, why there is no other option given to parents, other than enforced removal of their young vulnerable adult children to independent living,and encagement, for huge profit.


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