Acting out? – Dont worry we have medications for that!

This is a post from  Justice for Thomas Rawnsley’s blog.

With photos taken of Thomas,months before he died, in Cambian owned ;community living Kingdom House in Sheffield, where he was taken after a long history of care abuse involving one carer,who had said’ How many fingers can I break this time’, but was unable to as Thomas was double jointed.

After this, Thomas was found difficult to care for, so was sent to this ATU, where he was the only patient, and keeping it open, by his abuse, being used, to claim £12500 per week for the ‘treatment’, evidenced by the beyond shocking photos taken.


Thomas  on medication .

This is the unashamed use of the LA, and our government, of the most vulnerable for investment, and huge profit, using public funds, and breaching their statutory duty to care for them, but to claim the maximum money available under law for their ‘care’, on the basis of their ‘disbility’.

This is also 4 years after Winterbourne View was officially investigated.article-1392892-0C588EA900000578-684_468x286

Since then there has been more abuse, and death, for profit, of our most vulnerable.

The only move, via Norman Lamb, and LB Bill, is to move them out of NHS, MHA ‘care’/’treatment’, to LA, MCA ‘care’, for life in independent for profit living, with no reviews. And ASD/LD are now only being admitted to private hospitals like CYGNET/PRIORY group

Thomas, was placed in such independent living accommodation, where he was abused, and died.


  1. Shocking and barbaric and I cannot believe that such atrocities are happening in this country of ours. I wept for this boy. I wept for his mother.

    If this sort of cruelty had happened at Battersea dogs home, the perpetrators would have been publicly denounced as monsters and be driven out of society as pariahs. What sort of society condones such wicked treatment to people, who, through no fault of their own find themselves so vulnerable that other human beings could torture them? Torture him and get away with it.


    1. It is beyond despicable, and we can but hope, this is not silenced.

      It has, and will happen many times.

      This will not be an isolated case.

      Often we do not find out, as the parents are cut out of their child’s life, as deemed abusers, as you can see from my blog, this is very easy to do, and then no one would even know that these poor vulnerable people had been effectively murdered,

      Lamb’s Green Paper does nothing about MCA, Independent living, capacity, or forced medication it merely provides more money, fast track courts, and named enforcer social workers, to move all the people from MHA to MCA, which is much worse, it is for life with no reviews..

      The judge, who gave the carer a suspended sentence, actually said if you see the original report, I think the link is there, that’ it was a difficult task dealing with ,as he called them disadvantaged young adults’, !! trying to break their figures. Read the Justice for Thomas BLOG its beyond disgusting.

      What sort of country do we live in, where the media, is so controlled, that we allow the vulnerable to be removed at 18, and loving parents labelled abusers, and huge illegal medication, that does not help, but merely means they are paid 4,500 per week to encage, to be enforced.

      This is pure evil, for pure profit, and illegal.

      Surely everyone should contact their MPs and LA ,and protest about the independent living for huge profit scandal.

      Thank you for your comment

      Best wishes,


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