Poor Issy.


I wait for the new care worker, we are paying, here at 12.

Issy is asleep. Up at 5,6, for crackers and cheese, happy.

I loved to see her happy, laughing free, but now it wounds.

Soon, she will never laugh again.

And soon, she will never be able to put her arms around her own mother, father and ‘sister’ Eleanor, as she calls her.

Seeing her now, is the most  bitter sweet, tragic experience imaginable.

The horror of what will happen to her if/when she is taken,  cannot be thought about.

She sleeps, oblivious to the fact, that her fate is being decided in the cold, processed façade of justice.

Already, like the Jews, hundreds of Issies, have been rubber stamped, by the Court of Protection.

Sold, to the horror of the mercy of any itinerant bully, drug, or regime.

Alone, no one knows Issy.

Or is allowed to care.

No one will hear her screams.

No one will see, or hear her abuse.

Though she will echo and repeat it, as she has done now for years

‘Strange kinda f’in luv’

‘Your family don’t want you’

‘You f’in dirty women’

‘Stop mitherin me, women ‘

She will hear horrors done to others

‘Why are they slammin’ drugs on’

I’ve already listed more of these constant echos of Issy, and sent them to three social workers.

But they were dismissed, as heard in the street, or on the TV.

These echos will be used, as the CAMHS nurse and NAS workers did, to show Issy  is ‘hearing voices’, get more drugs into her poor  vulnerable, thin, beautiful body.

The ketamine guns will always be at the ready, and she will be a sad pin cusion.

The horror is too great.

As I write the barrister ( solicitor)  is earning her£500.

Parents will pay any sum for hope, to protect their child, to stop her being tortured.

All, as in 2007, will be bullying, to gain the evidence, they need to encage, and condemn poor Issy.

If you do not, Issy will be removed to the death camps, immediately.

If you do, we will have all the evidence to remove her there permanently…..

Poor, poor,  Issy her last hugs, her last smiles.

What a fate awaits such a beautiful soul, who has done no harm, suffered so much, did not ask to be born autistic, and just wants to be herself, and loved.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAarticle-1392892-0C588EA100000578-553_468x286

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