Tomorrow I Will be Gagged. A true stitch up.


We contact a solicitor, who recommends a barrister, who is in fact a solicitor.

We ring her.

We are not entitled to legal aid.

She offers to half her usual rate to the Legal Aid rate.

It will cost £500, to consider the papers, and attend tomorrow’s hearing.

We are desperate.

I have ceased to function.

My husband  take the papers down to the solicitors, to scan to the barrister (solicitor).

She asks for an adjournment to a later date, as we have only just got the papers.

But they will only postpone until 12pm, tomorrow.

Yet, the in application, the hearing date was to be  March 10th.

All behind our back.

The social services manager, asking only 3 days ago, what she could do to rebuild our trust.

No concerns about our care of Issy,  had ever been raised, and no hint of  that court proceeding would ever be applied for, yet the Local Authority had already applied to the court, with a hearing on the 10th March.

Now, I see the lodge lady, and a nice lady, had always been a set up to get evidence for intervention in March, but Issy had almost walked down the close.

And, then lodge lady, felt the need to allege a non existent punch.

How many of these court applications  might have been prepared before, behind our backs?

One in May 2014, when Issy was traumatised, her NAS PTSD reignited and exacerbated  by her being told, and hearing discussions, that she could not live with Mummy and Daddy.

And I put up a  fight, and, revealed their sexed up  core assessment, and spying education team, and withdrew the needed parent consent to education provision.

Then,  a new attack was orchestrated, in the guise of new, unspying  agency care workers.

Unknown to me, headed by a trainee social worker. Who was a good ‘motivator’.

And then, a secret social worker as part of a chaotic 15 worker, uncoordinated 3 night respite team, when I was not supposed to be at home. They hoped would result, in Issy’s emergency admission, via MHA section to a CAMHS ‘care pathway centre’, never to be returned ?

And the 8 month agency support surveillance, by the said trainee, and additional previous student/agency support, newly qualified social worker, was probably stopped by this blog, scaring, their large well known, ‘reputable’ agency off in October.

And then, the last, very sly, sideways attack, by a purported ‘independent’, personal services education package, recommended by the LA, who had spent hours of meetings to regain our trust, and convincing us that they had the skills to get Issy out of the house again.

But were in fact, the most vicious, and deadly, Trojan horse.

So desperate for a quick, and conclusive result, they couldn’t wait to say that, loving, weary, self sacrificing  parents, had punched their cherished daughter in the stomach..

All this ‘support’, had cost tens of thousands of our council tax money, to stitch up, and lie, about loving parents, caring, and fighting, for their disabled daughter’s happiness, and coping with her state abuse.

A daughter, who had been all her life, horribly abused by the state, for millions.

So, they could make even more money, £3,500 + per week in independent living, and pharma kickbacks.

She might even be needed to  stop the closure of an Adult Treatment Unit in Sheffield.

This was the support, the LA are under a statutory duty to provide.

Social workers, under a duty in their Code of Conduct, to keep a family together, and respect our Human Right to privacy, and a family life.

So all is illegal, but still the courts rubber stamp.

The law is vague, yet draconian, and inquisitorial, and the state can abuse with impunity.

The only email I receive from our barrister ( solicitor) of substance, is about my blog.

She  suggests, I voluntarily agree not to mention details of the proceedings, or, anything more relating to Isabel in my blog, or, on any social media.

The Local Authority solicitor  had said the same in his letter.

Yet, the actual court application, only states, that I not to mention Issy’s name, and address.

I  instruct my solicitor, to expressly request, that,  as all the details, are already in the public domain, via the blog, what point would such a general, gag serve, and, therefore the judge open up the proceedings.

Particularly, as it has been shown that a carer, had maliciously make up a story of abuse, and neglect , there is a long history of us being targeted by the social services, and Isabel has been badly abused by the state , now and in the past, so such exposure is not only in her best interests, but the publics.

As this appears to be happening throughout the country to  all autistics, and mentally disordered. The only adult services support is removal to independent of family living.

And, there is a conflicts of interests, between the agencies, and the LA, and Isabel’s, because of the huge sums of money paid for her ‘care’, so transparency of process is essential to ensure, a fair hearing.

But our solicitor didn’t make any of these points to the Judge.

I had interviewed a private autistic specialist care agency.

They start tomorrow.

If only,  and why did I not do this over a year ago.

Trust of state, fear, lack of information, I don’t know.

The order is an interim one, to remove Isabel, deprivation of liberty, and stop all contact with us, and, as you can imagine the statements from the carers are spun, cue seeking trivia, and lies.

….. this could remove your child for ever, as this is the purpose of ‘support’ in 2015……george-orwell-5.


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