Court Proceedings Served, Hearing Tomorrow- Help needed


It is 11 am Monday 2 nd February

The door bell rings.

It is a Mr W.

He hands me a large envelope of court documents.

And tells me, he is from the LA, and we must attend court tomorrow at 10.00 am.

He explains the date in the application was for a hearing to be held in March, but it has been brought forward.

I explain, we have no support for Isabel, and my husband is working fulltime, so how can we attend.

As you know from this blog, the LA had  given no inkling, that any court application would ever be made, let alone that
A HEARING Had been set in March.

Why not ?

And is this not an appalling way to treat a vulnerable disabled family, that they have failed to support ?

Only 4 days ago, the Services Manager had rung, and asked how they could rebuild our trust, her only suggestion being to reinstate Fist Lady, with a new lady.

Issy is still asleep.

On Friday, I had rung the GP, apologised for my outburst, and asked him to examine Isabel again.

He came at 5.00.

Issy was up, and in a happy mood.

The GP weighed her .

She is now 9 stone 6 pounds, having gained 3 pounds.

He checked some faeces left by me, from her last bowel movement, and agrees she has no impaction.

Isabel copied me, and pulled her top up, and he inspected her stomach.

There was nothing there.

No marks.

Let alone, the remnants of, ‘a red mark the size of a fist’.

On his way out he had exclaimed, making a tightly clenched fist, there is no way that a  mark that size, could have disappeared since Tuesday.

I email several care agencies for support for Issy.

One, so far has got back, to say they could  offer support.

I have not yet opened the wade of court documents.

I can’t face them.

This is England in 2015.

If anyone out there can help,

please. please get in touch.


  1. Oh hun I wish I could! I wouldn’t be able to drive all the way over to you and support her tomorrow 😦 especially when she’s never met me before and will be twitchy as it is I expect as you’re stressed. I really hope that someone can help and that the hearing goes well, at least the doctor has been able to see her and agree that someone is lying to try and make things go badly. Did you or can you get what he said down on paper? just to make sure that you have it as evidence xx


  2. Thank you for the offer.

    We have just paid 500 to a barrister. Refused 2 workers from SS to mind Issy so don’t think I can go,

    The GP mark is not in the papers just silly lies so assume not relevant that they lied so viciously.

    Also if order it is interim made then blog details will put me in prison……


    1. This is all utterly ridiculous 😦 I’ve heard and seen some appalling treatment of families over the years (and some families that truly deserved to be given the full weight of the law ignored). I’m baffled by what you’re all going through. You know more about the law than I do (I’m just a science geek and real support worker) but how on earth could this blog put you into prison? Simply for speaking about what’s going on? You don’t name names that I’ve seen, you just use it as we all do, a place to vent and make anonymous noise about the things that worry you xx


      1. If only I could tell you the half of what has been said and the orders I am forced or not the Damocles SWORD is loss of my daughter to torture for ever.
        And I have to outwit all the tricks try to do the impossible of disproving lies and try to help my distressed by their abuse daughter. Your comment is much appreciated. Je suis Charlie….. no one knows what will land you in prison, so you as are, our population ruled by fear

        We have no real freedom of speech or press

      2. When, as now, a totalitarian
        state exists. and the rule of law is gone, ie law is stitched up, then the state can do anything.

        Including the lawyers, my husband paid 500, as I couldn’t face going to court and she was a recommended specialist, , I had to look after Issy.
        She just agreed their orders, on phone to her I said no way… So will be saving my money and going down myself,
        Now was that in breach of my gag ??
        And if I post today involving SS, is that in breach– this is how you get absolute control and why would a court of justice want this ?.
        It does not exist in court of appeal but no one can get there as they risks paying 50,000 LA legal costs if they loose, so the lower courts can do what they like.
        In any event they are far too clogged up but to rubber stamp and soon Issy gets her own official solicitor ie another arm of the state so you are fighting 2 lawyers, its the same in the care courts….poor oppressed unfree us…

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