Email sent to Norman Lamb Care Minster in February 2013, and his Reply

Dear Mr Lamb,

Forgive me for writing, as I am not one of your constituents, but approach in your care capacity, and do not know where else to turn, and am desperate.

My daughter is just 16 and autistic, and we love her very much. But she and us, have been continually let down by the system, and the autistic society, and treated very badly.

It is no wonder that so many parents of such children commit suicide, or abandon their children to the horrors of a care home- were they are kept in nappies, over medicated, and often eventually die, unchecked- no record of medication in these homes is kept .

The homes on average charge 200,000 per year, and are totally managerialised, but, the care is provided by very cheap, often agency care workers – hence Winterbourne.

We have been forced by care proceedings, which caused us terrible stress in 2007, when our daughter had problems in her former day school, which, we never got to the bottom of, but we think there had been restraint and abuse, as soon as this happens the school , social services GP police, and of cause the Autistic society, all closed ranks, and we were blamed hence the proceedings, this is an ever increasing common senario see, my article Disability Trap on googling my name.

My daughter, since then has been in a National Autistic residential placement of 52 weeks, it was that, or weekly and they would not take her under that option. She was supposed to be assessed, before going but was not.

We fought to see her for 3 weekends every month, and spend Easter, summer and Christmas in northern Ireland with her father’s family which she loves, goes for walks and is a different child.

Clayton croft and her school Robert Ogden are paid 177,000 per year, and there is no reduction for the third of the year when we have Isabel.

Isabel, particularly since 2 years ago, when she had to be restrained, and received 48 bruises, has been very unhappy in the residential school. Isabel can no longer write her name, and barely reads now, as she did on leaving ordinary school.

We returned from Ireland with her after Christmas, where we were forced to take her off her antidepressants, after a week, as we could not get her to go out, and she attacked us. So she has been off them ever since.

Despite two meetings per year, and safeguarding officers getting involved, the independent reviewing service is useless, and there is just a huge cabal, between them and the autistic society, and a terrible conflict of interests, Issy is worth 177,000 per year to the autistic society, and money is also made from drug companies.

She is not physically well, but her GP is near the residential home 20 miles from us, as we suspect she has a faecal impaction, as she did in 2007, and which we cleared at home, but despite demands and it being put in a statutory review for the past 2 years, nothing has been done.

So far, Issy has had 5 social workers 4 key workers .

Why this is urgent, is, on returning home on Sunday, Issy had to wait outside the care home for 5 minutes, despite them knowing she always arrives back, at the same time, this made her melt down, and she had to be strained by a 18 stone team leader- we know this from a phone call.

We have never been able to ascertain what restraint techiques are used, and do not see any book kept when these are and injuries occur, So obviously we are demented with worry.

We are being pressurised to allow Isabel to go to a CAMHS assessment centre for 6 weeks, but do not trust the centre or motives of the social worker, as it is the same CAMHS team that put Isabel on respirodone in 2007 for 8 months, and did not monitor it, and it made her fat , breathless and crying.

We feel this will happen again, and will allow the autistic society, to put her in nappies, and drag her round whilst she dies suffering terrible agony from a faecal impaction, under a chemical cosh. They emailed us today to say that it would be best if she did not come home at weekends, until this assessment.

The law is against us, and covers up, what really happens in care homes, as at the moment, she is looked after under s20 we were forced into signing, but there will be a move to an emergency protection order, and our daughter will be at the mercy of the state, and we will not even be able to check, if she is being abused, and too much money, and jobs are at stake, for anyone to speak out.

Please help or let me know anyone who can.

Disabled children are being hijacked by charities, such as the autistic society to make millions, and CAMHs are of little use to the autistic, as there is no check on physical problems like Issy’s impaction. They merely provide chemical dangerous coshs, and, also making money out of it.

The only people who love Issy are us, and as happens we could legally be cut out of her life, and then who would care?.

Best wishes,

Finola Moss Sheffield

I received the reply below;

Dear Ms Moss,

Thank you for your correspondence of 4 February to Norman Lamb about your daughter’s treatment at school. I have been asked to reply.

I regret this is not within the Department of Health’s remit. After considering your email, I would recommend that you forward your correspondence to colleagues in the Department for Education where the staff are better able to answer your concerns. The contact details are:

Department for Education
Castle View House
East Lane


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