A Voice Crying in the wilderness…no medical attention for autistics ?

Last week, I received a two page reply to my official complaint, from the social worker’s boss,================ all whitewashed.

She did not notify my GP, who then, wrote a letter to me, asking me to make an appointment, because I had ‘a cough’, despite her stating  in our meeting, she had, when the GP in his letter had said ‘workers’ had.

Now the ‘cough’ was not mentioned, it was  because I ‘looked unwell’.

When, and how she knew this, as she had only meet  me once, on her visit to sort out the spying education workers 2 months before the GPs letter..

She stated, the abuse in Isabel’s residential school had, as we already knew, been discussed at Strategy Meetings.

Chaired by an Independent Safeguarding Officer,

’the outcome being that the marks, ( all 48 of them) were not thought to be non-accidental. Our Sheffield Child Protection Co- coordinator liaised fully at the time’.

No mention  of the safeguarding meeting in 2011, which had not concluded this in the circumstances as occurring just after a major restraint, few bruises ever being found normally on Issy..

And,  the minutes in 2011 noted these 48 bruises  were not  even mentioned, at Issy’s Statutory  Review Meeting, later the same day of the restraint incident, after which the body map recorded them.

So as usual, and as evidenced by Isabel’s wrecked life.

A list of important titles had ‘liaised’.

The boxes had been ticked.

The system works.

The truth is irrelevant.

Any absurdity is accepted.

All whitewashed.

I wrote a detailed reply to her letter.

As her letter concluded stage 1, I requested it go onto Stage 2 – maybe that is the ‘independent’ investigator?

How could he/she, be more important than the Strategy Meeting/Safeguarding Authority who concluded all self harm in 2013 ?

As I have found, over the past 14 years, there is no point in discussions, complaints, or, objections.

It is merely a stressful ie all the time finding the forms etc , anguish and frustration of meetings, psychological oppression/frustration of lies and getting no where.

And worse still the frustration and horror that you and your vulnerable child are completely at their mercy.

And complaints, can, it appears, be  deliberately dragged out, and, halted by court proceedings.

Process is King, and appears to be stamping relentlessly, on the face of truth, and, humanity.

Those with absolute power can do, and say, what they like, no matter how big the lie, or, poor the care.

Even if a care agency, residential school, independent living facility is closed down, which is unknown, unless by forced media disclosure, after covert surveillance, such as Winterbourne, another equally abusive institution, will replace it.

Winterbourne was the symptom, not the disease.

Last year CareFirst 24, was closed down by the UK Boarder Agency, for employing illegal immigrants- let’s not kid ourselves immigration has anything to do with the EU, or diversity, it’s just the cheapest workforce, which has nothing to do with austerity, but maximum profit.

But, whilst agency services, and workers are unaccountable, and transient, their huge profits, are real.

So much so, that venture capitalists invest their pension funds.

As is the horrendous suffering, and death of 1,200 learning disability people, who died last year.

And will continue to die needlessly.

No prosecutions, no inquests, no serious case reviews, just profit.

Isabel continues to refuse to go out, and is not eating properly, although dry at night, she appears to be deliberately weeing on the the toilet floor.

Thankfully, she has shown little real agitation, and sleeps at night, but is increasing difficult to get up, and now at 12.50pm, although awake, she is still in bed.

Due to my husband’s absence at work, he had booked workers for this week.

The workers as always, on entering ask, as they have been told to, how am I?

Again,  how do you answer that, and any negative answer could be used against you.

I brief them on Isabel, but they make no comment.

Even if I witter on about her lack of appetite, still no comment.

I have just entered the kitchen, both are sat in the chair talking, as usual, they look up with attentively, but say nothing.

For the third time this morning, I witter on self-consciously, that I’ve put some more hot water in the bath, but don’t know how to get Isabel up, am worried she might be ill, still no comment,. ( have they heard me ?).

Becoming more frustrated, I ramble, what’s the point of ringing the doctor, as no one cares, (there has been no follow up to the last 6 doctors’ visits), eventually, a worker feels forced to respond, with a ,

‘She’s just having a lie in’.

The last doctor asked,did we have a scales, and,advised we record her weight.

No more.

A strange reaction, to what appears to be a continuing tummy bug.

But, if  Issy does start to lose weight, which is inevitable, if not eating,and throwing up.

A sign of parental neglect.

This same GP, a partner in the practice had then peered intently into my face, appearing to  assess me for signs of distress, mental illness.

Any possible signs of  potential parental incapacity/ abuse.

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