Wimbledon can wait

My only escapes  were to Sainsburys, the dentist, and hairdresser ( once).

Oh, and a three day court hearing, but that is for another blog, in over eighteen months.

Yes, Wimbledon would have been nice… in fact anywhere  would  be.

But Issy,  as you know, was not in a good place.

Three months earlier, she had realised her care worker outing friends, of  nearly a year, planned to remove  her forever, from her family.

The post traumatic shock disorder, she had displayed on returning home, evidenced by her  anguished ranting of, ‘ you can’t live with your family’, ‘stop your f’in mithering’, ’stop asking me the same f’in question’, and worse, had returned .

And she  still refused to go out, and was  generally  unwell with what appears a tummy bug.

So what would be the affect of all her family disappearing ?  Like all her previous carers had done?

This had not been considered by  anyone, except me.

Worse still, I  knew it might escalate her agency worker’s risk assessment, from  trivial to intolerable in seconds.

Their legal duty to reduce the risk would then be  absolute, and they could  not continue to care for her, until the risk level has been removed.

Translated,  this meant Isabel could be removed to a CAMHS assessment centre , drugged with respiridone for ever under the MCA.

Not returned home, but to the expensive cage of an ‘independent’ living unit.

I decided Wimbledon could wait, as could, the rest of my life.

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