My supposed ‘ill health’

My supposed ‘ill health’. Sadly great post, re targeting of my health.

I had a persistent cough, that was now affecting my general health, reported by social workers, to their boss, who then informed my GP, who wrote me a letter asking me to attend his surgery for an examination .

On ‘investigation’ of complaint, that I did not have a cough, social services boss said it  was her, not her social workers, who had reported it, she had met me twice in the kitchen, and never heard me cough.

I also had 2, within prescribed limits diabetes tests, done on my last visit to GP over 18 months before, due to the fact I still had recurring ME symptoms, now for 10 years.

ME never mentioned, as state accepted, it does not exist.

Despite negative tests, GP insisted, I had now raised blood sugar, due to another test based on weight and age.

I am old and fat. Much fatter at my last weighing at GP clinic 10 years ago.

Since, receive letters from NHS for eye screening, as a diabetic.

I have 20.20 vision, and have never worn glasses.

Have no symptoms of diabetes.

And bought my own test and negative.

Sorry post was really good, but disappeared, when I moved it from pages where it was placed by accident, and I can’t find the original——I


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