Back Again, two months later

A lot, yet nothing, has happened since my last post.

Our social worker has transfered to another full time one.

This justified a meeting in my kitchen for nearly an hour.

The two carers removed themselves to the lounge.

Issy still in her bedroom.

No mention of my complaints by email, or my comments on the lies and spin in the latest core assessment.

As is the normal modus operandi, of all the multitude of stranger official visitors to my home, the hour consisted of them questioning me in turns, for information, already on record.

Asked a million times, and no doubt will be asked again.

I dare not remark on this, or display any lack of engagement, such as silence.

In any event, silences make me very uncomfortable.

As usual it is stressful, time consuming, and appears to serve little purpose.

We had, since Issy refused to return to her enforced residential school in January 2013, requested overnight respite .

Which was eventually arranged for 30 th june, 3 nights, to enable us all to go to Wimbledon.

The dates had been made known to social services two months earlier, but the agency, who were to provide the care workers to sit round the clock, rang shortly, before this meeting, to say they could not guarantee cover, as had not received the authorisation from the SS !

This, of cause,was blamed at the meeting, on us for not supplying the train times,!

Issy, from walking out everyday, to various places on buses until 3, had not now been out for 3 months, hence the carers in the kitchen.

The reason, though never admitted or discussed, and unknown to us, was the education package’s rush, to remove her from home, to an independent living unit- one of the many flat developments in the city.

Her refusal to go out  coinsiding with, what appeared to be, a secret targeting, by the education package, before the last child in need meeting of me and my husband and our house.

Legal papers were probably waiting to be rubber stamp, for a deprivation of liberty order under the Mental Capacity Act, to remove poor Issy for ever.

The workers taking her out, forgot  Issy is highly intelligent,  can hear, and desperately wants to remain with her family, particularly, after her desperate experience in her residential school, which physically and mentally, she eventually found, impossible to endure.

Need to go, but will write again about the trip to Wimbledon, which today ended today.

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